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Flexiroam X: eSIM Global Roaming Starter Packs US$4.99 (~A$6.55) (US$4.99 Refund on Activation) @ Flexiroam Australia


Hi OzBargainers!

Well 2020 really sucked, but It's now official!! Aussie's will be again be able to travel overseas!! From 19 April 2021 you can officially fly over the ditch to see our Kiwi Neighbours

Yes, we know this will probably only until someone coughs and they shut the borders again but, hey it's a start!

So, to celebrate the end of JobKeeper ANZAC spirit Trans Tasman Travel Bubble we are offering FREE Flexiroam X Starter Packs ($2 USD Postage applies for a physical SIM)

How to order:

  1. Purchase a Flexiroam X Starter Pack Enter Discount Code: BUBBLE at checkout
  2. 0.01c discount will be applied to indicate your order has been marked for refund
  3. Once you receive your Starter Pack, setup your account & connect to Flexiroam (yes it works here, just make sure your roaming is switched on)
  4. The full purchase price will be refunded via your payment method (Paypal almost instant, Credit Card can take a few days)

Offer Ends ANZAC Day 25 April, 2022. or until stock runs out.

Benefits of Flexiroam X Vs typical Travel SIMs (or Local SIMs)

  • Offers exceptional value for low volume data users that mainly use hotel WiFi just need to stay connected and (Maps & Whats App) when out and about.

  • Flexiroam X SIMs are reusable & never expire! (Convenient & good for the environment)

  • No more SIM Card swapping! (with our eSIM & Microchip SIM)
  • Global coverage
  • Simply top data plans up in the Flexiroam X App as you need!
  • Unrivalled plan flexibility, 1000's of options to suit every itinerary
  • If your plans change you can cancel your Data Plan and re-use the credit for your next trip overseas!
  • Flexishare Data sharing feature allows plan sharing between users from anywhere in the world!
  • Outbound VoIP calling using your Australian mobile number!

What's included with your order?


  • 24/7 Email & In App chat support provided by Flexiroam


  • One refund per SIM activation (each device may only have one Flexiroam Account, so please don't try to game the system)
  • Postage will not be refunded for physical SIM Cards & Microchips
  • Offer Ends 25th of April 11:59 PM AEST


  • Contactless transaction, shipped from COVID free facility in Australia
  • Physical SIM Cards sent via Australia Post Domestic Tracked or Express Post
  • eSIM Profile QR codes will be sent for FREE via email. Please check your Spam/Junk folder once your order has been placed.


  • You can check out securely with: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Apple Pay
  • Pricing is in USD (No GST applies)


As always if you have any Questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain.

If you know someone who dreams of travelling again, please feel welcome to share and please give us an upvote!

Thanks again for your support OzBargainers! :)

Flexiroam Australia

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    Does it offers sms messages packages while overseas?


      Hi Javin,

      No, it doesn’t offer SMS. eSIM allows you to maintain your home SIM for voice & SMS (inbound SMS is almost always free) & use us for data. There are also many Apps that allow you to rent a mobile number to send and receive SMS. Some are free. (Usually with a +1 USA number).

      I hope this helps.


    I don't need this. Gotta +1 for the humour though. Well done. :D

  • +5 votes


    Have you investigated whether you are able to use the hallowed term ‘ANZAC’ in your marketing/promotion? I suspect it isn’t ok and has serious consequences. Guidelines are here:

    There is an email address provided to enquire whether it’s permissible to use ANZAC in any given situation.

    Awesome deal by the way!


      I had no idea this was a thing!
      The things you learn, thanks FrothDaddy



      • +3 votes

        Hi Frothdaddy,

        Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately we had to let our legal team go once ScoMo ended JobKeeper!

        Quite interesting the thing you learn here on OzB. I’ll amend the promo to ensure I avoid the wrath of the Feds!


    • +3 votes

      Hi FrothDaddy,

      Flexiroam would like to unreservedly apologise to DVA for any inference that this promotion was in anyway associated with the brave men and women of the ADF or NZDF. Please use the code BUBBLE at checkout!

      • +2 votes

        Great job for fixing it up so quickly! Sorry to be the annoying one to say so. I was actually, once upon a time, involved with a small business that used such a promo code and it ended up a bit sticky! Best wishes 😊

  • +1 vote

    Buy a 2degrees the airport cheap as bro!


    Hi Store Rep
    1. If 25/04 is last day to buy or activate?
    2. Which network is used in Australia (Coverage in rural areas here)?

    • +1 vote

      In Australia they use Vodafone.


      Hi g_bontch,

      Last day to buy. Henry’s is correct Vodafone here in Oz.

      In NZ we use both Vodafone & Spark. It should default to the strongest coverage.



    Can't complain the sim is free and comes with 100MB data but it's not cheap after that…

    NZ data prices are as follows (and below is in USD)
    500MB - 3 days - $6
    500MB - 8 days - $8
    1GB - 3 days - $10
    1GB - 8 days - $12
    1GB - 15 days - $15
    1GB - 24 days - $17
    3GB - 8 days - $25
    3GB - 15 days - $29
    3GB - 24 days - $31
    5GB - 15 days - $41
    5GB - 24 days - $43
    7GB - 15 days - $48
    7GB - 24 days - $50
    10GB - 24 days - $65

    As others have said you might as well buy sim over there. You can buy travel sims that include a number and are much cheaper if you want larger amounts of data. Eg Spark has a NZ$59 (~AU$54) 10GB sim valid for 60 days (and some calls back to AU + NZ) whereas the Flexiroam sim is ~AU$85 for 10GB over 24 days and no calls.


      Hi henrus,

      The numbers you have published above for Flexiroam are RRP last minute pricing. If you were buying for say a NZ ski trip in 90+ days time, the pricing above would be 30% cheaper. (For those concerned about border closures, etc Flexiroam Local Plans can be cancelled prior to their commencement date).

      Flexiroam run regular in App promos for both Global & Local Data Plans, and customers (particularly OzBer's) typically never pay full whack.

      Agreed a locally bought SIM is almost always cheaper MB for MB. Some the value convenience (being instantly connected on touchdown) & the time saved mucking around switching SIM Cards, some prefer an more enviro friendly options & some just prefer to stick it to the big telco's to keep them honest!

      A key feature Flexiroam has is the ability to gift data to other Flexiroam users.

      Using your example above with Flexiroam:

      A family of 4 could purchase 10GB of NZ Data with Flexiroam (24 days)
      90+ days advance purchase (gives a 30% discount) = ~$65 NZD
      They could then Flexishare (Data gift) their Data to each other an achieve a lower total cost. This example would be further enhanced if each family member had multiple devices (iPads etc).

      Yes, you could tether using the Spark example, but I'm sure you'd agree there is some value in not being tethered to your travel party all of the time.


  • +2 votes

    in the kia ora picture on the site, where is the guys left hand and why does the kiwi have that look?


    Can you get more e sim?


      G'day android,

      Incoming…. Happy to take your order.. We should have your sorted in 12 hours (give or take).




        I already have a Flexiroam account. But it was for the physical card. But my new phone is e sim supported so it doesn’t support the old physical SIM card anymore. Do I need to setup a new account for it? Or just add it to the same account


          Hi Android,

          There is a replacement process within the Flexiroam X App -> Account ->Support -> Replacements -> Activate Replacement -> Link Starter Pack

          Scan the barcode in the PDF you'll receive (tomorrow) then you should be good to proceed with the normal eSIM setup (via the QR Code).

          Sounds like a lot, but from memory is pretty straightforward! (Sorry if I'm a bit rusty, it has been a while)

          The good news is your on eSIM now. You probably shouldn't have to do this again.

          God bless eSIM!

          PS. I need some new glasses! ;)