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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (Black) $149.98 Delivered @ Wireless Experts AU via Amazon AU ($142.48 Price Match @ Officeworks)


Down from the usual price of $169. I was able to Price Match at O/W for $142.48.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Bring back this deal

    • Yeah that was a good price. The white colour ones are generally cheaper for this too, I don't know what's the cheapest the black have been.

      • Can OW do a price match with Amazon?

  • Black one now is $141.94.

  • That store should not have price matched those items.
    Officeworks does price match Amazon . But Amazon direct .. not affiliated stores or third party suppliers. Which is what “Wireless Experts Au” are first and most importantly they are not the same product. They are grey imports as indicated by the customers reviews l, stating they are from Korea and not the Australian variant. Meaning they are not covered in Australia Samsung’s warranty.
    Please stop posting price matching inaccuracies like this. It’s frustrating to have to inform customers about these policies because of individuals like yourself. That post these posts !
    Yes I understand that specific store price matched them for you. But they obviously weren’t doing their due diligence in checking the accuracy of the product. That is a huge price discrepancy as is . Red flag already!

    • They actually checked the model number on the Amazon listing to make sure that it matched the one sold at OW. Both were SM-R175NZKAASA, which is the only reason they proceeded with the price match. They said that if the model number differed (such as a Korean model, they wouldn't honour it). I know now looking at the Amazon listing comments that the model number actually being dispatched by the seller is not actually SM-R175NZKAASA, but that is what is published on the Amazon listing and that's what is used to price match.

    • +2

      Of course the employee is downvoted. People just don't want to hear or believe the truth.

      As an Officeworks employee I would also refuse this price match.

      Happy to price beat items sold by and fulfilled by Amazon AU but not third parties.

      Seller only has 4 items listed ( 3 listings with only 1 or two left in stock) and we are meant to price beat this third party seller as a legitimate business lol. Might as well start price beating Gumtree ads then.

      Obviously no harm in asking for a price beat at Officeworks and often you will get it considering OP and countless other examples, doesn't mean that it is correct and please don't get salty at the more experienced employees who will refuse illegitimate price beats.

  • anyone have these and the seinhesser wireless ones to compare sound quality?

  • If you don't plan on price beat, it's cheaper here. Same grey import not AU model, $123.99 delivered.

  • don't be fooled . office works only will match the price if its Australian brand. they never match with international model. I don't know difference between Au and international model.

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