Good Reliable Wiper Blades for Honda Jazz?

I'm looking to replace my original wiper blades and was wondering if there are any amazing wiper blades that are reliable, lasts forever and doesn't leave streaks after prolonged use?


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    Get ones from the dealer

    • Before I bought my current Wipertech wipers, I used to use a Bosch wiper. I shopped around and found the price varied quite a bit - and Windscreens O'Brien was the cheapest for me. Until I did my shopping around, I didn't even know that they sold wipers!

  • No wiper blade lasts forever.
    After trying a few of the expensive brands, I now just buy the cheapest generic ones.
    They all do the same job, still last a good 2 years and cost less than half the price of the branded ones.

  • Stick with OEM if you don't want to worry about potential issues

  • Wipertech are the best I've used. $99 for a full set or $69 for fronts only but can easily get $10 or 10% off. (Just guessed which MY your car might be).
    Free express shipping, 12 month warranty. I've got about 4 sets for our cars over the last couple of years, can't fault them.

    As an aside, when you wash your car/clean your windows, spray the cloth and wipe the rubber wiper blades down. You'll be surprised how dirty they get…makes them work better and last longer.

    • They look like copies of the Bosch Aerotwin

      • Probably are…I think Uni-Wiper are another that are very similar. Don't think there would be any performance difference between them

    • I got my wipertech blades when it was posted on ozbargain a while ago. I found they developed streaks after only a few months, even though i rarely drive, and even more rarely in the rain. I guess I only turned my wipers on 6 times before streaks developed.

      I was very disappointed by them

      • Did you contact Wipertech about the problem? If so, what did they say?

        I've had my Wipertech wipers for just shy of a year and they've been great.

  • @wipertech - any deals for the ozb fam??

  • Bosch aerotwins seem to last the longest. I get a couple of years out of them before they start making noise and streaking.

  • Bosch is the best. I went through multiple sets of others and finally settled with Bosch. Window is very clean, smooth and no noise.

    Please shop around and check the bisch website for compatibility. Most online sites search wont show some models are compatible (at least thats what happened with me). Based on the bosch compatibility search, I went ahead and bought one set 3 weeks ago and they are brillent.

  • can't remember which brand Costco sells, but they're meant to be good too

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    Make your own.

  • Uniwipers

  • I got Supercheap Auto to price match Sparesbox on a pair of Bosch front wipers

  • Bosch are good but no wiper blades last forever

  • Costco sell Michelin wiper blades for around $14.99 or $15.99 per blade.

    So a front set will run you back around $31-32.

    They are curved and they are good quality and value , they include like 6 adapters or so that will generally fit any vehicle.

    [Membership required though]

  • Check this out before you go out and buy

  • $16 per rubber from Honda. Best $16 you will spend on rubber replacement.