Best Value Way of Disposing of Old Ute

Unfortunately my Dad will no longer be driving his 1996 Toyota Hilux. It's manual, 2WD, been a trade ute since he bought it new, and it shows. I can see on Redbook a price guide is around $1500 - $3400.

I can imagine it would languish and/or get lots of tyre kickers if I listed it on Gumtree etc. Would it be worth taking it to an auction house, or is there a big chance it wouldn't sell and I'd have to go pick it up again? Or realistically should I sell it (if possible) to a wrecker?

Haven't had to do this before, and it's a kind of an emotional time and subject for the family.


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    Selling it privately Gumtree, etc. would net you the most $.

    A wrecker will give you peanuts, likewise at an auction.

  • What condition is it in? rego? tyres? history? etc

    • It's had a hard life, the tray is canopied but has a lot of wear from tools and building materials. Denta and scratches on the body. Rego till end of May, hence the hard questions being asked now. One owner since new, regularly serviced. Would have to check about tyres and other maintenance, good point.

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        It's a hard knock life.. for ute,
        It's a hard knock life.. for ute,
        Insteada shining, tray get nicked
        Insteada skiddies, tyres gets kicked..

  • Gumtree.

    As is. Where is. No rego. No nothing.

    $2000 firm.

    If you see the ad - vehicle is still for sale.

    Bring your cash. Get your wife's permission before you visit.

    You will sell it in a few hours.

  • Thanks for the quick responses, that's heartening.

  • Big selling points being a Hilux and cheap. It will sell no problem at all for $2k.

  • Seeing as cars are selling for more than what people expect it might be worth more then the red book estimate

  • You'd be surprised - the is a HUGE market for used utes, especially Toyotas and especially cheap/rough ones. I am sure if you are realistic it will be sold within 1 week.

  • Gumtree is pretty crap, use FB marketplace for sure.

  • Utes are selling for plenty at the moment.
    It will sell fast, and I would list it for $5k ono.
    You might be very surprised at what you end up with.
    People want a Ute because they need to pick up some work now job keeper is done, or they want to go bush for a holiday because Bali is shut. Both these things make it a great time to sell a Ute.

  • have you considered just keeping it?

    stick it in the paddock or backyard or shed

  • Old utes are in demand by farmers everywhere. They want one they don't have to care about, just one that can just move things around their farm. Won't need rego or roadworthy as it won't leave their own land. $2k would be easy to sell. Can probably get a bit more.

  • Lots of other similar comments, sell on gumtree. A Hilux will sell quick if priced right.

    If you want to sell fast, price it at the lower end of what else is on gumtree and take whatever offer is close from one of the first buyers.

    If you want a bit more cash you are going to need to work a bit harder and put up with more tyre kickers and low ballers.

    If you really want it gone quick and money is no object list it for $1k firm, pick up only. First with cash gets it. Ultimately it’s worth more, but how much is your time/stress worth?