Wellue O2Ring Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor US$115.50 (Was US$179.99) (~AU$152) Delivered @ Wellue


This deal is not for everyone but this is basically a wearable oximeter.

Been eyeing this for awhile now but never seems to be on sale and missed the last deal


The Wellue site has it at US$165 (https://getwellue.com/pages/o2ring-oxygen-monitor) rather than US$179.99 which is the usual price on Amazon as well, as seen on Camelx3 (https://camelcamelcamel.com/product/B08HDGBF7P)

However, for some unknown reason, the discount code from the previous deal (OZ30) works so brings it down to US$115.50 while still qualifying for free delivery.

Unsure why the discount code works since I've tried it in the past (after the last deal had finished) and it never worked before! Not sure how long the code will last though.

Anyhow, thought I'd share this in case someone else wants something similar.

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  • The same technology on AliExpress is selling for A FEW SINGLE DOLLARS.
    Only difference is the fact this one has an app for your phone! :(
    I can't understand is that an appropriate 1,000% price difference?
    Absolute modernized ripoff appealing to people who may not have the tools or knowledge to perform the same search we could.

    Here's an example with an App

    • +2 votes

      That's a basic oximeter which I also have.

      It's also not wearable.

      • still, would you argue that's worth the $$$ price difference?
        I'm obviously not in the market for one, but this is just a bit frustrating.

        • +2 votes

          still, would you argue that's worth the $$$ price difference?

          Is it a bargain with respect to a basic oximeter - obviously not.

          But you're trying to compare a basic oximeter to a wearable oximeter and then trying to determine if it's a bargain or not when it's really an individual determination as to whether it's worth the price difference or not.

          They both have different use cases.

        • If someone has COPD or other disease that requires this level of monitoring, I'd say I see the benefits to having constant monitoring that this provides. I'd be more concerned about whether this is accurate or not.

          • @Fauxsuede: COPD, OSA and cardio-pulmonary congestion… I wouldnt mind 24/7 monitoring. I have a finger tip one (no app) but only use it when I feel breathless.


    What do you do with the data?

    • I imagine that you’ll learn pretty quickly what makes your O2 levels drop… and in my case at night, I think they probably drop markedly. I know they do when I try to do any exercise. Then, you d/w your GP, specialists or whoever. THis kind of item isnt really for Joe Average.

  • Anyone tried the Oura ring?

    Was thinking to buy that

  • Is that a Comic Sans logo?? Ewww