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Settlers of Catan Board Game $47 Delivered @ Amazon AU


First post and hope I've done it right?
Not the cheapest its ever been, but still a good price.
$47 at Big W, if you can find it in stock (limited stock in WA)
Ebay has listings cheaper, but I've gathered there are a lot of fake copies, so may not be worth the risk?

Pair it with WELCOME15 code as a Amazon Prime Trial account from previous post brings it to $32 delivered.
Original Coupon Deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The limited edition 3D version is releasing in Q3 for the price of $499

    • Can also play the pokemon go version, Australia is a beta country

    • Where did you see this? keep looking around every few months and not seeing an update in any news / sites.

      • Google ‘Catan 3D preorder’. A few stores broke embargo and posted images and details. Some have already taken the pages down.

        The island of Catan rises off the table for an immersive experience like no other. Settlements grow up from fertile fields and cities nestle into the sides of the mountains. Catan comes alive as players collect resources, trade them, and build their way to victory!
        -The long-awaited 3D Edition is based on terrain tiles hand sculpted by Klaus Teuber himself and hand painted for stunning color.
        -The intricately-designed player pieces are antiqued for a look that's full of history and character
        -Over 25 years, Catan has become a cult classic!
        -This is a standalone product. No other version of Catan is required to play.
        -This is a limited print, collector's edition game!

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    Unfortunately I bought my copy of Catan from Amazon last year which turned out to be a fake :(

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      Just out of interest, how were you able to tell? Was it super obvious?

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        Yeah the shine on the board is different and it was missing a few pieces too. Although I think if you've never played before or seen a real board you could be fooled into thinking it's real

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    Just buy a better game for $50. Catan not aging well now, there are more thematic and less random games out there

    • Catan is a good intro to Euro games, for the uninitiated.

    • What would you recommend?

  • A really great social board game to enjoy with friends as its nice and simple to teach anyone.

    Anything less than this price will be a fake, which are really crap in quality and will stand out if you buy expansions such as Seafarers (essential in my view) or expansions ( to increase the number of players)

    With fake copies (of any game) the first issue will be that the box falls a part, and visually the tokens will be slightly a different shape and the colours won’t match precisely. Later on you will notice the the playing cards are really poor quality and made from thinner materials and wear easily.

    For a game which has sold 35 million copies, I would recommend everyone to start off with an original copy as the base game it the centrepiece as the main issue with fakes is that there are multiple producers of these fakes so as you expand and extend the game, nothing will match.

    I’d buy it from BigW myself given the choice between these two retailers

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    Watch out for fake copies. Even if it's sold by Amazon AU, it can be a fake one.

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