Want a Wet Saw for DIY Use. Any Suggestion?

I want to do some DIY tiling jobs and want to have a entry level wet saw for porcelain tiles. Thought of hiring one from bunnings but it costs 350 for 7 days, so I think about buying one.

I am considering Baumr-AG BTS100, which is 448 + 54 delivery fee, which is around 500 in total. Or forestwest bm688, 599 and I can pick up by myself. Both seems having good reviews but just want any suggestion if anyone used either of them.

I am considering DTA one from bunnings as well. DTA is definitely a better brand but there is only 600mm one in bunnings which someone said it is actually very hard to cut 600mm length large format tiles.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


  • I know nothing of that specific Baumr product, but I know plenty about the seller.


    I would honestly say, look for a second hand brandname on gumtree over buying new Baumr.

  • If it's just a few jobs consider getting one off Gumtree? Or else try other hire places, might be cheaper than Bunnings.

    • I plan do quite a few projects. Actually last time I hired the machine from bunnings for 1 day and it was too rush for me to complete the job, so I am thinking having one then I do not have to rush and can pay more attention to details.

  • https://www.ryobi.com.au/products/details/500w-tile-saw-178m...

    picked up one of these over a year ago for a project round the house, no problems at all.

    motor is damn good, have ended up using it as a cheaper option as a lapidary trim saw for petrified wood.

  • As a DIY tiler I found the blade is more important that the saw. I bought a cheap saw from Bunnings (less than $100) and have used it for a few jobs - it does perfect cuts, including 600mm polished porcelain tiles. Using a decent blade was a big improvement. The top is very small so I made an extension using timber to fully support 600mm tiles

    • Thanks for you info. I may have a look of the small ones and build a support frame by myself.

  • What size tiles are you trying to cut? Those hand cutters (i.e not powered) are super easy to use, and plus you can do all the cutting whenever you want / whereever you want.

    • I plan to cut 600mm large format tile. I hired DTA hand one from bunnings to cut 10mm thick porcelain tile and it was a nightmare. The guy from bunnings said manual cutter is not suitable for porcelain tiles thicker than 6mm. Manual cutter normally is used on ceremic tiles only.

      • Ok also I have never had any issues with the Baumr-AG equipment. It's cheap and cheerful. I bought a post hole digger from them when i did my retaining wall, and it worked fine. Then i sold it off afterwards for the same price i bought it for…………..pretty cheap way to "hire" haha

        Hard to say about the quality of the cuts though, that's a bit more precise than digging a hole