Individual Football Player Sponsors

Heya Ozbargainers

So our local footy club has an individual sponsor scheme for the season of which is $1000 that covers players $500 rego and $500 donation to the club for equipment.

I have tried a lot of local businesses and persons with no luck and definitely understand the financial position that most would be in with all the events happening in the world right now.

I personally have an okay social media following and so does the club but keeping it local would be ideal.

Would anyone have any experience in this or help with some direction on parties to approach to make me think laterally?



  • What does the sponsor get? Their name on your jersey? Naming rights for your team? What does an ok following on social media entail?

    • From the club:

      In exchange for your generosity, the name of your Company or organization will be displayed beneath the sponsored player’s photo on digital and social media resources, covering over 2,000 followers across social media as well as through our website. In addition we have links into our own University student body, as well as the alumni network of 164,000+ members. Consequently, not only will your sponsorship enhance the game of Australian football for our young amateur athletes, but you will receive valuable advertising for your business.

      On top of this, on game day, a banner will be displayed with your company/logo for foot traffic with exposure to visiting teams, players, fans, field occupants and all other foot traffic.

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        I hate to be harsh but 2000 followers on social media isn't much, it would certainly not be worth $1k.
        This really doesn't sound like value for money from an advertising perspective.

      • Local cricket club struggles to get $1,000 sponsorship for the club let alone $1,000 for a player…. like above you need to provide more than just 2,000 active social media.

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          Oh OP is asking for $1,000 per player? And they don't even get their business name on their jersey? Yeah this is looking fairly unlikely you'll get this.

          If all you needed was free jerseys and you were happy to be called the team OzBargain then Scotty might be willing to help but $1,000 per player and only having the company name on digital photos and one flag won't be financially advantageous for most businesses.

          • @dust: We do have tiered sponsorship packages which have been filled but we are referring to individual player sponsorship through this part.

            • @meadley: Yeah fair enough. $1,000 per player is a lot though unless you're playing in a quite a high level league and they are a star player.

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    could just pay your own way?

    • Really happy to but just seeing what experience others have had in local communities sourcing sponsorship for sports clubs :)

  • whats your football team

  • Only fans, do a car wash, nude calendar,

    make the football team do some manual labour,

    bunnings thingy,

  • My experience with football says you pretty much need to know someone in the business that sponsors.

    Parents sponsor the club their kid plays for, helps keep them in a team. Mates sponsor mates for the tax write off.

    The business needs to be relevant to the club or it’s members for the sponsorship to be an effective marketing tool.

  • Honestly I understand the $500 rego fee. I don't agree with the $500 donation to the club.

    Much better chance at just the $500 rego.

    Good luck, hopefully you get someone.

    • 500 donation would go towards putting the sponsor on banners and online maintenance. That all costs money.

    • Yeah with AFL, our injury insurance and umpires cost a fair bit (up to 6 at a time) plus the ground bookings to go with it as well.

      Really appreciate it!

  • Could you just drop the price of the sponsorship? $1000 seems like a fair bit for what is a 90% digital promotion. I'd also bet that no one wants to be the first sponsor and take the risk. If they saw half a dozen businesses already signed up they'd probably see more value in it?

    • It is a bit pricy but believe the committee wanted something more than the cost of general rego for greater return. Definitely something that I can bring up.

  • Out of the sports my kids have done I find soccer to be the biggest rort.

    First you pay a registration fee of over $200, then it's match fees of $75 then they want you to help with running the BBQ and putting the nets up and down and they also want a parent to be a coach. So basically you're paying a lot of money for the club to do not much. They have multiple teams per age group so they'd be making a killing. On top of that they make money from sponsorship

    End of rant.

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      If it's such good money why don't you run a club?

    • Soccer is a funny one as the money works up the pyramid from grass roots to professionals whereas afl works down from national level to grass roots.

      There is plenty of volunteer work behind the scenes and our club doesn't quite have the numbers local soccer does so this is a newly discussed avenue currently.

    • You should start your own club, and then you can retire early

  • we should get a fund set up, and have ozbargain as the logo on the jersey
    i'll put in some for that!

  • Just copy olympics.

    Prohibit recordings. Sue and arrest anyone for recording it. Charge hundreds of dollars for merchandise and fast food. Serve beer, chips and pizza. Get bribed by governments to use their local pitches.

  • if a business were to sponsor you personally, you (not the club) need to promote that business otherwise it is a donation

  • Are you wanting to promote your business or are you wanting to help out the local footy club. I'm not sure you can achieve both. I dont know anything about your business but unless you live in a country town and own the coffee shop catering to all the locals who follow the local footy team, your sponsorship might not get you a lot of exposure. If you really want to help out the local team though, its OK. Just reconcile yourself that you are really making a donation to help out your team and that any exposure you get as a result is just a bonus.