What is the Best Value Android Smart Watch under $500 in 2021?

I am looking for an Android smart watch <$500. Interested to hear people's opinions on what is the best value for money ones on the market right now.

I have looked at the Samsung Active 2 and seems quite nice but reviews are mixed (some say terrible battery life but others say it is fine. Hard to know who to believe).

Would prefer something with a built in speaker, nice aesthetics and some basic activity tracking (don't need GPS).

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  • Some things that you may or may not know. The Samsung watches differ to Android watches, they only allow installation from the Tizen store I think, so you don't get some apps that Android has, and similarly generic Android watches don't have Tizen apps. This may be important to you depending on apps you want to use and notably payment platform (as I don't know if google pay is on Samsung watches?). It also means with a samsung watch you're using Samsung Health (which IMO is pretty good).

    Honestly and oddly enough though, I find the Samsung line even though locked down to be the better experience and the Android one to be bulky and slow last time I used it (feels like a cut down version of Android), though I did have a worser android watch.

    Note that although the Activ 2 has ECG and BP monitoring, they're not switched on for Aus (you can use BP monitoring through an App though).

    Personally I liked my Activ 2 watch, it vibrates when I sit for too long and gives me a random stretch to do. Seems to automatically pick up walking/running/sleeping pretty well, and values/distance/calories seem to align with my fitbit (for better or worse). I have to recharge every 1.5 days which is a bit of annoyance, largely as I have it on while sleeping (as opposed to a phone you may charge every night while asleep so its less annoying). I don't do much exercise though, so I don't know what it will be like if you use it with more features in use.

  • I am a Pixel 4 XL user and pair it with the Galaxy Watch (SM-R800). I purchased it a while back for around $300. It's been a great watch. I do hope that the rumors about a Google Pixel watch eventually come true.

  • Been through the lot.

    Ticwatch is best value.. they also work well.
    Samsung Active 2… great watch, great screen, battery life great, app selection terrible (as mentioned above runs Tizen)
    Fitbit Versa 2.. good if you like fitbit, great battery life, crap if you want genuine smart features.

    Rumour is Samsung watch with Wear OS is coming, that would be a goldilocks watch, be great as well as (by end of the year) a genuine pixel watch.

    However Apple watch still sh*ts all over all of these options. Shame its so locked down.

  • Garmin.

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  • Any Samsung watch will perform much better than any Wear OS (previously Android Wear) watch. Unfortunately however, the app support is much more limited.

  • I still rock a galaxy watch and got a new update recently (it's 3 or so years old).

    I've played with the google version, but I prefer the Samsung. Battery life is 3 days with full function. A week with power saving and a lot longer for just being a watch.

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