Quilt / Doona / Duvet Recommendations - Does a High-Loft down Alternative Exist?

Hi all,

I'm upgrading my bedding - next on the list is a quilt (/duvet/doona, depending on the local lingo).

My criteria are:
* High-loft (in other words, feels very full and sits high on the bed, not flat and thin)
* Good for allergies (therefore, preferably not down)
* Under $400 in a King size
* Breathable
* More 'warm' than cool (I tend to only use a sheet in the summer, so this is more for other months - my apartment doesn't get too cold)

Does anyone have any good recommendations?

I've seen some great down quilts that are very high-loft, but not great for allergies. And all the down-alternative quilts I've encountered are very thin/flat…


  • Pop over to IKEA and have a look at their wide range for one that suits you. They have examples in the open to touch and feel. Different thickness, warmth ratings, materials, sizes etc. With covers and sheets to match.


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      The only thing to be aware of is Ikea doonas are not standard size so you will be limited to Ikea covers. The Ikea queen size doona doesn't look great on a standard non-Ikea queen bed in my opinion as it is too small.

      • Pro doona tip, buy one a size up from your bed e.g. a king doona on a queen bed.

        No more problems with size and people stealing doonas. Luxuriously large.

        • Love this idea - but as I already have a King bed, this is a bit tricky! But I will be buying two seperate quilts - one for partner, one for me :-)

    • Thank you! I will go and check them out.
      I'd prefer something in standard sizes but - if IKEA have some nice (actual) linen - then I could easily be persuaded to switch.

  • Quilt / Doona / Duvet Recommendations

  • I bought this 700GSM King doona about 2 years ago. I only use it in winter.
    I reckon its excellent value and easily the best doona Ive ever owned.

    • I agree with this. I got the 500gsm and it holds up in both winter and warmer months. Sometimes goes on sale too.

    • Great, thank you - I will check this out!

    • Thanks for the recommendation Meho2026.
      Are you using it in a heated, insulated bedroom? Do you find it heavy at all and does it drape around you well?

  • If you decide to get a down quilt, recommend these guys on eBay - https://www.ebay.com.au/str/downquiltsandpillows

    Have bought a few quilts from them - 95% Hungarian goose down, equivalent to 5 warm blankets in both queen and king sizes. Very light weight and we use them for both winter and summer with no issues. They are advertised as hypo allergy free and so far we have had no issues with allergies. Both my son and myself have allergies to dust and animals. They very reasonably priced and fraction of the cost as compared to shops.Our quilts came in the Danish Eiderdown packaging and I suspect that these come out from the same factory as the Danish Eiderdown quilts.