Cheapest Electric Heating Solution

With the winter season approaching, what's everyones cheapest non-reverse cycle or gas heating heating solution?

I live in an old house that has a section that doesnt have a reverse cycle heater. Found out last year that the kmart fan heater can get super pricey!

What are peoples best recommendations?


  • Insulation is cheapest. Get double pane windows and roof insulation at least. TV/Computer/Fridges are already heaters

  • Buy a Snuggie.

  • Gas Heater is far cheaper than any electric heater.

    I run a Kmart convection heater

    Seems to do the same job as an oil one, although can be pricey (~$4-5 a night to run).

    Might have to invest in a northface puffer jacket.

    • Gas in NSW from a bottle costs about the same as electricity for a given amount of heat. Town gas about a third less.
      Reverse cycle AC costs about 1/5th of the cost of other electric heating, so about 1/3rd of what gas costs.

      Reverse cycle AC is now the cheapest heating option by far in all circumstances. And if you can add some solar panels, better still.

      • Yeah, ideally a reverse cycle airconditioner would be on the cards. Agree with the cost benefits and the payback would be fairly fast considering the cost of energy.

      • I thought town gas would be the most expensive. The connection charge alone is atrocious (~$120/quarter in QLD) and that is before you even start using it.

        • I think the assumption is that town gas is already connected for some other purpose like cooking and/or hot water.

          Adding a gas connection just for heating charge will likely not be economical for the reason that you mention.

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    non-reverse cycle or gas heating

    Well those are pretty much the ways to be cheaper than an electric resistance heater.

    You could try an infra-red heater - it feels like warm sun, but doesn't heat the air as much.

    Otherwise seal the gaps and wear a jumper…

  • Electric throw blanket? Very cheap to run.
    Otherwise, every electric space heater will cost 5 times what a reverse cycle AC costs to run.

  • Warm clothes, a blanket & regular cups of tea

  • Cuddles.

    just not the struggle ones..

  • Wear a beanie. $3
    Wear gloves

    Wear socks.$3

    Wear an extra layer of clothing.

    You don't need to buy any appliances or turn on any heating to be warm.

    If I do the above and drink some hot/warm water I am sweating.

  • A room with big windows that gets a lot of sun.

  • What about a portable aircon from Kogan?

  • If you can find the hardware, a 30-series graphics card. Seriously!

    Something that produces both heat AND money from crypto mining. It's just near impossible to acquire for any reasonable price unfortunately

    • Yep, sounds like a silly answer but this is the only way to get 'cheaper' heating.

      All resistance heating will cost the same as they are all roughly the same efficiency, so if you can make some 'income' from your heater, then it ends up cheaper.

  • three dog night but smelling like woof… lol

  • All electric (non-air conditioner) heaters will cost the same to run per heat unit produced. For 1KWh of energy used, an electric heater will produce almost exactly 1KWh of heat. It doesn't matter if it's a cheap Kmart heater, or a $1000 Dyson heater.

    It's a shame you can't use an air conditioner, as for every 1KWh of energy used, they can produce around 4-5KWh of heat. Magic!