Australian TV Review Channels?

Hey guys.

Wondering if there are any Australian based YouTube channels that review TVs like Quantum, FOMO, hdtvtest etc

I used to run a YouTube channel back in the day and I have been looking for a new project to spend some time on…
I am really into TVs and would consider getting back into it reviewing TVs for the Aussie market.

If no one knows of any, what are your thoughts on that, is that something you guys believe would be of interest?

My only issue would be selling the TVs after I open/review them.
I may have to offer them for sale at the end of the each video, I know my chances aren’t great but maybe a community might support me.
Not to make money but for what I paid or a bit below my price.
As I have a contact I often get TVs cheaper so that could help.

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    It could work
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    No one will buy the TVs from you afterward


  • Are you qualified to review TVs like Vincent teoh?

    • OP has a degree in TVology

    • No, just a passionate enthusiast.

      I just feel like we don’t get much love for Australian TVs.

      If things progressed I would most certainly purchase the equipment to make the calibrations and measurements.

      • "Australian TVs", like Kriesler?

        • I think you know what I mean.

          TVs that are specific to Australia.
          Sure, the major brands we all get the LG’s and Samsung’s.
          However, we often get specific models only in Aus that the international reviewers don’t ever get an opportunity to unbox and review.

          So region specific sets.

    • Don't recall anyone requiring a qualification to be a YouTuber. :)

      Just a camera and an YouTube account to upload, then fingerscrossed!

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    OP you could just start with getting a cheaper brand TV first (on sale - ozbargain)
    and see how your review is received from there. The forum here would no doubt get you some extra views and provide comments on your performance.
    I know people would be interested in videos on these large screen TVs if someone went through calibrating them well.
    Youtube video - First part of the video reviewing, then going through the settings/calibration etc

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    I reckon just buy a few cheap ones first and go from there no point buying ones thats quite expensive and no lucky with people viewing it and buying the tvs.

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    I used to occasionally write tech reviews for a print magazine in the old days.
    The manufacturer/distributor will have someone in marketing that deals with press/media. They will do things like send you a review model (that you have to send back) that you can try out for a few days.
    The good ones I dealt with were really helpful, sent a return courier label, and sometimes a bit of swag like a t-shirt or stickers.
    The bad ones were usually just young/inexperienced and had lots of other tasks and would promise to send things and forget or otherwise need to be chased up.

    If I was getting started, I would review my TV, a few friends/relatives too, so you can show the media contact you are serious and worth dealing with.
    Then you just need to get on the phone and call with a lot of self belief. If you are knowledgeable enough to say “I want to review the new Sony WXJU356 that I heard is due in May” they will find you more credible, and if you can talk TV industry gossip etc. all the better.

    My one tip is you really need to get on the phone, or even meet them for a coffee, as you want to develop a rapport with these people, and be super easy to deal with.
    Make their job easy and enjoyable and they will be happy to help you.
    And you don’t need to be dishonest and pretend you are something you are not, you can say you are starting up, but let them know you are a pro, committed, and worth dealing with.
    If you have a list of ways you will promote your reviews (like, you will post links to whirlpool, OzB, Facebook tv forum or whatever) it will help sway them that you are worth bothering with.

    • That’s very good advice.
      Thank you for that.

      I’m in a fortunate position as I’m building a house and I’ve purchased a bunch of TVs, including a 100” TV.
      So I have a bunch of TVs to review.

      In regards to getting in touch with companies. Where would you suggest I start, find the press/media contact details on the website?

    • +1

      That’s awesome I’ll dive into that. Thank you.

  • Anyone know where a TV calibrator course might be advertised?

    I’m looking around I’d definitely do something like that to get a certification.

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