UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch US$22.49 (~A$29.64) | USB 2.0 US$14.98 (~A$19.78) Delivered @ UGREEN Global Store AliExpress


Cheapest price yet for the Ugreen USB 3.0 hub. Also on sale the USB 2.0 version US$14.98 (~A$19.78)

UGREEN USB 3.0/2.0 KVM Switch 2-to-4 is an excellent choice to share 4 USB devices between two systems, It's ideal for sharing a printer or scanner in a small office environment. It's also great for use at home if you have multiple PCs or Macs.

Package Contents
1. USB 3.0 KVM Switch
2. 2 X 1.5m USB 3.0 Cables
3. Manual

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  • I bought this then returned it…

    It couldn't handle a USB wireless headset and USB Soundblaster card (plus 1x mouse and 1x keyboard).

    Fyi, my current configuration works fine for a 4 port USB 3.0 hub by Anker.

    • Link to the anker? How much more?

      • The Anker was a basic 4 port USB3.0 hub which doesn't allow switching. I just manually unplug and plug to the other PC

    • It got great feedback in past deals, maybe you got a dud?

      • Unless maybe it couldn't keep up with 2 sound devices. Windows was saying it could inly provide certain bitrate due to bandwidth limitation and there was an actual notification on the bottom right about it.

        Lucky I bought from Amazon hence the return process was easy.

    • Did you plug in the optional power input?

      • No.

        It didn't come with any power plug though?

        • Then that's the issue you're essentially running all those devices off the one USB from your computer. It doesn't come with a power adapter but the instructions say to supply additional power via the input port for high power draw devices. I have a Soundblaster Katana, PS4 wireless headset USB, RGB mouse and keyboard and it works perfectly.

          • @bangmango: yeah, i guess i was asking too much of the law of physics!

            i personally wouldn't like the idea of having to connect an additional power adapter though cause my current Anker four port USB hub still works without a power adapter and I would rather plug/unplug on my four port Anker hub than using a switch but requires additional power outlet…

            • @4iedemon: I think you'll find if you add additional high power draw devices to the Anker hub it will have the same issue as the Ugreen. Maybe the Anker is slightly more efficient or maybe you plugged the Anker hub into a high power output usb socket on your mobo. But a hub that has an added power input means you can add additional devices or power hungry devices to the hub so it's a good thing.

              • @bangmango: thats what i was thinking too, I had the Anker before the Ugreen. I bought the Ugreen thinking it will be nicer to use that instead of having to plug and unplug every time.

                however, at the current scenario the Anker would have been a simpler solution than Ugreen. still, its worth noting that the Ugreen one has the additional port for extra power but doesn't come with a power adapter and that its not as efficient as the Anker one.

  • Saw this a while ago posted here but from amazon, is this cheaper now?

  • Found something similar from Amazon for same price.

  • Good product if you want to switch between home PC and work Laptop using same KB/Mouse + HDMI switcher

  • Cant even come close to this price - Aliexpress coupons are so fiddly.

  • No issues with the one I bought handles all my input devices perfectly between my Mac and PC

  • Thanks op.

  • We use these at work no issues, but i got one for home use with the logitech lightspped usb dongles for my keyboard and mouse, no go. Was so much lag it was ridiculous.