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[Kogan First] Kogan Smarterhome 7.0kw Split System Inverter Airconditioner $669 Delivered @ Kogan


Saw this while shopping for an airconditioner. This is a great price for an airconditioner this size.

Cool and heat your home at rapid speed with seamless smart control with a split system air conditioner that contains filters and purifies to give you fresh, clean air all year round.

Impressive 7.0kW split system inverter air conditioner
4-in-1 Functionality: cooling, heating, dehumidifying and fan
Perfect for rooms up to 42sqm
Air purifying with anti-PM2.5 filter and activated carbon filter
Control, set schedules and timers with the SmarterHome™ app
Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Rapid cooling in 30 seconds and heating in 1 minute
Improved 1300m3/h airflow for cooler air that goes further
Remote control with LCD screen

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  • Any reviews?

    • Not a lot outside of the Kogan site, but the reviews on the Kogan site seem decent, assuming some placed there by Kogan. It has a 5 year warranty.

    • I brought an 8.0 kw Kogan AC. And I regretted that I didn’t get their Hyundai one as it has both vertical and horizontal louvre flap swings.

      Things I dislike most: 1, no horizontal swing. If I knew this I would not have bought it. Have to set the louvre left-centre-right manually. 2, poorly designed remote control, that is cuboid and non-ergonomic. It has lots of empty, unlabelled, non-functional buttons and looks like a 1980-ish remote control with a tiny screen. 3, no protective mesh/grilles behind the outdoor unit. It is very cost saving and the ‘naked’ evaporator/condenser gives me an impression I’m using a semi-finished unit.

      Things i like, 1. it does the job. The air temperature measured as low as 9c at the outlet when the intake air temp is around 28c and outdoor temp is around 34c plus the fan is at the highest speed. So it’s a true 8.0kw unit and the power number is not inflated. 2. The inverter control is decent and works great covering a wide range from 2300w full load all the way down to 600w (the test run stopped there, didn’t wait it to go lower) measured by a clamp multimeter. 3. Has smartphone and smart device control over the internet. 4, quiet compressor, no excessive vibration

      • Thanks for the review, was also considering the Hyundai but as this is replacement for a rental, and has a narrow living room the horizontal swing shouldn't be a deal breaker. The saving of $100ish will go towards the installation. Do you think the lack of outdoor mesh mentioned will cause failure or any issues, or do you just feel like a corner was cut to save on manufacturing cost?

        • Depending on the installation location. If it’s going to be installed somewhere back on to a wall, it shouldn’t have problems. I wouldn’t install it in an open space or on the roof. Also, without a back grille, it’s more likely to have dents and scuffs from transportation and handling.

          • @catbin: I have the 5kW version.
            It did arrive with a few knocks to the fins, but a plastic grille over the top would have had more effect on airflow than a few knocks to the fins :-)
            A temporary cover than can be removed after installation would have been good. But once mounted in a normal position, you don't even see the back.

            How did you physically connect the electrical wires? Unlike other splits I've seen, there is nowhere to attach a conduit, so I ended up having the flexible conduit going in loose through the same opening where the pipes go in. And when replacing the plastic cover, accidentally put a screw through the power wire, shorting it :-( . There should be a better way! Installation manual is rather generic, and no hints as to where the wiring should go in.

            The other problem I had was the lowest fan setting can still be too high for people sitting nearby. (And no horizontal swing control.) Be careful where you install it.

            So far, it works well. Goolge/Alexa integration is good. Runs quietly, inside and out. Install was straightforward aside from the wiring issue.
            I was not bothered by the ugly remote. Call it "retro styling" :-)

            • @manic: I squeezed the conduit in between the two coil pipes. And I install the AC above the TV. The lack of horizontal swings is really annoying that I feel the cold air blowing right onto my face when I am watching TV, and I have to push the flap up to close the air outlet a bit once the room is cooled to avoid brain freeze.

              • @catbin:

                I feel the cold air blowing right onto my face

                The fan is too fast. I also have a Hisense split system, and that has 5 fan-speed settings with the lowest far more gentle.

          • @catbin: Thanks for the response, I am installing on the floor up against the exterior wall so should be all good.

  • Anybody know what brand compressor this unit has?