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[Backorder] DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo $879 Delivered @ Kingfisher Drone Services ($791.10 with Anaconda 10% Price Beat)


Missed out on the recent all time low deal however came across this and was successful in getting a price beat at Anaconda Cannington. https://imgur.com/a/WbtcZPx

Add on Sandisk Extreme 128 gb SD Card for 4k - $29

Add on DJI care refresh 1 yr - $79 (possible to redeem further 10% educational discount)

Looking at <$900 for a complete package whereas fly more combo alone retails for $949.

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  • I will wait for the 2S…

  • Photoshop the aircraft's wing into your photo to avoid getting done by CASA.

  • All the drone sales and new models but nowhere we are legally allowed to fly them. Sigh.

    • I thought this drone was designed weight 249g, and as long as flight height below 100m it is legal and do not need license?

      • No license required for any drone being used <2kg and <400ft (~120m), but if a drone is <250g you also are allowed to fly closer than 5.5km to an aerodrome, which for some is a big deal. There are also other CASA rules, like no flying over crowds or within 30m of people not involved with the drone operation. City councils and state regulators are also still allowed to ban drone flights where they want - ie some will ban flights in city centres or some city parks, or at some beaches; most states also ban flights in national parks (QLD doesn't though).

        Edit: While a license isn't required for drones being used <2kg, etc, CASA regulations do mandate that you register the drone on their website.

        • No, if your drone weighs 250 g or less (and it’s not being flown for or at work), then you don't need to register.

          • @Chickfilo: Double-checking, we're both wrong according to https://www.casa.gov.au/publications-and-resources/publicati...

            In that publication it states:

            "Micro RPA (CASR Division 101.FA.2; CASR Subpart 47.C.2)
            RPA weighing 250 g or less used for a commercial activity (i.e. for hire and reward) are micro RPA. A micro RPA must be registered, and the controller must be 16 years or older and hold an RPA operator accreditation before the first activity is conducted (see Figure 1)."

            So in other words, if you're flying a Mavic Mini 2 recreationally you don't need to register, but as soon as you sell any footage or have someone reward you for flying it in any other way, you're required to register the drone, as well as create a myCASA account, get an ARN and pass an online quiz, which for now is all free, but is expected to cost something (to register a drone, not to create an account / get an ARN) after the 30th of June this year.

    • Casa has reduced restrictions significantly in the last few years and there are plenty of places to fly. Look at the open sky app.

    • Rubbish. There's plenty of places that is still legally flyable.

      grab any of those apps to check where you are and can see where you can fly.

      • Nope, the air space still looks the same on the app from 2 years ago. Living in Sydney and so many places not allowed to fly a drone, unless one is prepared to drive 1-2 hours away from Sydney. Sigh.

        • Yes, you can't exactly fly in the city because it is relatively dangerous to other people and infrastructure. These drones fly at up to 60km/h+ and not insured.. so that's the main reason for this.

          However, not everything in "yellow circles" means you can't fly on the map. Some of these are limitations such as altitude (<30m) and away from the public as such. Nothing wrong with driving 1-2 hours away from the city to take beautiful Australian scenery.

          • @bchliu: Not saying driving 1-2 hours away from Sydney is bad, I have done a number of flights away in the past (over 100 flights according to my AirData record). And in Sydney, around the suburbs, not talking about in the city, there are a few airports and helipads located around the metropolitan, plus many councils banning drones in their parks, there are just hardly any place to fly around the metropolitan now. That's why I am still keeping my old Phantom 3 Advanced, mainly sitting around gathering dust now, no point buying a new drone. Sigh.

  • how to get discount from annaconda store
    can anyone have any idea…

    • Go in store and ask for price beat

    • Called them in the past on the mini 2 price match but rejected for drones about 2 months ago.

      • DJI drones are not in breach of the terms and conditions of their price beat guarantee. I would show them receipts from other Anaconda stores as proof that the offer is viable.

      • I just got it price matched today. Initially they said they couldn't find the product on the Kingfisher website, but after showing them where it was located they price matched with no issues.

  • Do the CASA Remote Pilot Accreditation. It's free and just a matter of learning the rules, signing up for a myCASA account, providing Id (details of my drivers license was enough), then doing a short online test. I knocked it over in a night.

    The RPA is still quite restricted in terms of conditions but it does let you fly up to 2kg instead of 500g (and 25kg if over your own property only), do it for work without a huge fine, and supervise others.

    The Remote Pilot License (RePL) on the other hand is a 1 week full time course and thousands of dollars. That's the one if you're going to get serious about flying a drone as a job, but well and truly overkill for a hobbyist.

  • The item is showing as backorder now and backorder item is excluded from the price beat policy. Bummer

  • Just tried at my local Anaconda they won't price match with online stores, without a physical store. Looks like I'll wait til next special.

    • You should have pointed out their terms and conditions for the price beat back to them. They are located in Townsville Queensland.

      Here is the specific condition Anaconda's website:
      "The competitors' retail premises must be in Australia, at which you are seeking the price match or be an Australian website capable of delivering to your residence"

      I feel like these anaconda store reps that are not price matching don't even read their terms and conditions.

      • I did mention that to my local anaconda store rep but the website doesn’t have any address on it. It just says they operate from Townsville, so they didn’t accept the offer and also mini2 is now on backorder so that didn’t help either.

      • The point under that is
        "Excludes competitor websites that don't have a retail store in Australia"

        In saying that, I got denied at one store so I tried another and they did it for me today

  • Would they accept the above receipt even if it’s 2 weeks old now?