[PC] Steam - Free - Pixel Art Coloring Book Full Version DLC (was $16.95) - Steam


The base game for this DLC is free and you will need to add it before you can add the DLC I believe.


Click the following link and click install in the upper right corner: https://steamdb.info/app/1576340

Alternatively put steam://install/1545820 in your browser.
Do NOT go to normal Steam page as it is not free there.

I put the normal page into main link but for info ONLY and because I am not allowed to put in the direct link.

Credit and thanks to Kaizuken.


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  • "Limited Steam accounts can not sign in to SteamDB.
    Your Steam profile must be set up, and have spent 5$ on Steam."

  • straight up cannot get this to work

  • Alternatively put steam://install/1545820

    This worked for me inspite of having a limited Steam account. Make sure you have previously signed into steam through that browser though.