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35cm Children's Speedster Bicycle $49 (Was $79) + Delivery (Free with $65 Spend/ $0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart


35cm/14in children's bicycle. Comes with coaster brake, which may/may not be suitable for your child's needs.

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    35cm Children's bicycle for $49

    LOL… For barbie dolls ???


    Is this much of a deal? This price seems to be a fairly standard Kmart price range plus or minus a few dollars.


    Are these any good as the next step after a balance bike? I'm not sure about the brakes, i would day they are needed as they can now pedal and go faster, but any experience regarding this would be helpful


      I imagine it's got pedal brakes for the back wheel, and also hand brake for the front. Don't know if many 35cm bikes come with hand rear brakes.
      [Edit: yeah I see coaster brakes is what pedal brakes are called]


        I imagine it's got pedal brakes for the back wheel



        Plastic Brake Lever at right side
        steel Caliper brake
        18T FREEWHEEL, with Coaster Brake


          Yep. So just as I said… "Pedal brakes for the back wheel, and also hand brake for the front."

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      I made the mistake of going straight for a 16 in bike. My child is hot and cold about using it. I'm getting this one for his younger sibling. Both of them started on balance bikes. I took the trainer wheels off straight away as I didn't want them to regress, having cone from a balance bike.

      I wish free wheelers were more readily available instead of coaster brake bikes. It's hard to spin the pedal to a starter position on the latter.


        Agreed. Have done a lot of research into first pedal bikes lately and didn’t find any in aus that met my wants of:

        Free wheeler pedals
        Hand brakes
        Low enough seat height (my boy just turned 2)

        My boy mastered the balance bike a little while ago so we’ve just decided to stuff the pedal bike and bought him an electric balance bike (Sherco EB12, $649) and what an awesome piece of kit that is, perfect transition from little balance bike to dirt bike (we are a family of riders) - will just throw him on a 14 or 16 inch pedal bike without training wheels in a few years rather than throwing $300 at a decent 12 inch pedal bike that still didn’t tick all the boxes for us


          Any more details on the Sherco please? I'm thinking about getting one but can't find any reviews. How long does the battery last? Is the build quality good?


            @chrisgrind: It’s awesome. There’s some more info here

            https://www.sherco.com.au/eb12 - says 60 mins run time which is probably about the attention span a lot of kids would have anyway - but we’ve only been using it on half speed for 15 mins here, 30 mins there etc and it’s lasted longer than 60 mins.

            Very well built, we were definitely impressed with the quality and my son loves it. He’s a bigger boy (at 25 months he’s nearly 15kg and fairly tall) and finds it very comfortable and even was happy to ride it around without the power on at the start - like it wasn’t too heavy.

            Within a few rides he was able to ride it on half speed with his feet up on the platforms - no training wheels needed!

            Hopefully you’ve got a local dealer near you with one on display to see for yourself!


              @sarahbrisbane: thank you. We do have a dealer about an hour away. I'll try to get along to have a look :)


        would there be any way of removing the coaster brake from these bikes? I remember when i was a kid (long time ago) bikes culd be converted to coaster brake mechanism, so i would assume it is still possible


          Most of them are hub brakes, so you'll have to fork out for a new set of wheels, unless you can find the exact size wheel/hub for the rear. Possibly a new freewheel and new chain.


    Does anyone have any issues with the Kmart website besides me? I’d like to add a few items (in stock) in my cart but whenever I go to review bag, everything appears out of stock? I go back to the page, refresh and it says it’s in stock but I go to checkout and it’s says literally everything is apparently oos.

    Just got a generic automated reply from Kmart support (email) and you can’t reply to the email because it’s one of those emails that only sends you automated replies