AmEx Travel Credits - Did You Redeem before 31st March or Forget and Its Expired

Oops! Forgot to redeem my AMEX travel credit before it expired at the end of last month (after extensions received throughout covid).

Wondering if others in the same boat as me, or i'm just really bad at record keeping!

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    Yep, forgot all about it... now its gone
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    Nope, i read emails and i used it before it expired!

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  • Got the emails, kept forgetting to do it, finally remembered on the 27th and bought a $500 bottle of whisky for $50.

    • smart! wish i remembered, went to book some flights to NZ but theyre all gone. oh well!

    • how did you manage to use your travel credit for a bottle of whisky? I could only see three options flights,hotel and car

      • They changed the travel credit (i.e. book via Amex Travel) in to a statement credit that was usable at any of the Qantas stores, including Qantas Wine. I was worried it wouldn't go through but I can confirm it's been credited against my account.

    • Which whisky?

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  • Used mine for a night at a 5 star hotel.

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      Did you receive any reminder emails they were expiring?

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