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Win 1 of 8 $1,000 Cash Prizes from Australia Post



Closing Date 09/05/2021 11:59pm


Description $1,000 Cash (Money Order).
No. of Prizes 8

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

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  • Does it come with a dressing down from the Prime Minister?

  • My brain read that as dressing gown on first read 😂

  • haha…nah i prefer cash only!

  • If I enter with my email address connected to my 'MyPost account' will it be inundated with spam?

  • WTF is a publicly owned organisation giving out 'Cash Prizes'.

    What's next DHS and ATO giving out prizes, there is something seriously wrong with this shit!

    Is this some retarded attempt to try and 'deflect' away from the negativity that might be surrounding them?

    • Nah they call me about those ones, I just have to provide my bank account details to them

    • I don't think a $1000 is going to make a ripple in the attention directed to the organisation. I assume the prize is just a form of marketing in order to promote a service and they determined it gave better bang for buck than other avenues. Unfortunately, publicly owned organisations, as well as government departments, frequently spend money on advertising and other promotions.

    • The ATO give me a cash prize most years. Some years i draw the reverse card though and I have to give them the prize.

  • This sounds like a Scotty from Marketing play

  • Why does this look like a fake website…

    • There are a couple of possible reasons. It's a narrow eDM displayed as a webpage so it feels a bit empty. It's on brand with the correct fonts etc but without the header and general clutter of the main website it feels like you're perhaps somewhere else. Also the multi-tier subdomain (pages.email.auspost.com.au) is somewhat reminiscent of scams at first glance.


    Looking at the definition of immediate family of employee. Damn that's like a 100 or so people ineligible just because of me and 3/4 of them may not even know this.