ShopBack Cashback Troopers Which Prize Is Best?

On the ShopBack app, you can play Cashback Troopers to earn gems.

For 250 gems you can get 10 entries for a lucky draw of $500 cashback.
For 100 gems you can get a 'Secret Box for a Mystery Prize', with prizes ranging from 10 cents to $50 gift cards.

Is it worth saving my gems for entries into the lucky draw? Is there any way of knowing how many other people have entered the draw too? The $500 Lucky Draw seems 'sketchy', although I know ShopBack is legitimate. I can't find other information about the lucky draw.

I'm thinking getting the secret box is a better idea, although winning $500 sounds good.

Any help would be nice.

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    although I know ShopBack is legitimate


    For 250 gems, the risk is your gems goes into the abyss…

    For 100 gems, you at least get 10c…

    • Cashback isn't guaranteed in the Mystery Prizes.

      I just checked my prize history for this month;
      20 prizes,
      one cashback (50c),
      several 'additional lives' ranging from 3 to 10,
      and the majority Lucky Draw entries ranging from 3 to 20 (total about 80).

      I'd have got almost exactly the same number of draw entries by trading 250 points at a time.