Recommendation for Landlord Insurance

I used to be with RentCover pre-covid. However, they no longer offer landlord insurance. They were pretty good as covered for loss of rental for tenants leaving early due to covid.

Just curious if anyone recommends any other landlord insurer?


  • interested too.
    the loss of rental due tenants no able to pay is important

  • Stay the faq away from EBM insurance they are cancer

  • Check who your mortgage is with if they offer insurance. Switched to BOM, and they offered insurance for 35% off. I've previously been with CGU, and AAMI. I've only ever made a claim with CGU and would NOT recommend them. Was extremely difficult, and i wasted so much time getting everything sorted through them

  • I've always found Terri Scheer to be really good pricing and cover a wide range of things like the issues you mentioned e.g:
    Insured Events Sub-limit
    Absconding tenant - Up to 20 weeks loss of rent
    Defaulting tenant (by court order) - Up to 20 weeks loss of rent
    Defaulting tenant (by termination notice) - Up to 20 weeks loss of rent
    Failure to give vacant possession - Up to 28 weeks loss of rent
    Death of tenant - Up to 15 weeks loss of rent

    I pay about $350 a year.

    • They will refund if tenant moves out early?

      • If tenant moves out early that should already be covered - tenant will pay break lease fee plus rent until new tenant is found (depending which state or territory)

    • Ozb love Terri Scheer but I'm with AAMI, they are $200+ cheaper per year than Terri Scheer and I haven't had any issues with claims yet. Plus both AAMI and Terri Scheer under same people.

      • I did quote with AAMI. to double check we do both Building and Contents insurance right? so if they damage the wall, etc.

        • Always read the PDS, usually contents are the things if you put the house up side down, things that fell off + carpets, curtains and blinds.

  • Recommendation for Landlord Insurance


  • I don't know what it is with landlord insurance but it has gone up $100-150 for every year that I have had my rental and I have never made a claim. No new landlord insurance policies will cover loss of rent now due to covid. I did a quote for a basic 1 level brick home with Terri Scheer and it comes out at over $1700. This seems ridiculous but they are all about that price.

  • I use GIO; they seem to cover most things

  • Does it even pay to buy an investment property right now? According to a realestate agent in my area, the empty rental units have gone from 100 to over 200 in recent months. I see For Lease signs popping up like mushrooms. Can't be a good sign for any investors with high mortgages.

    • Depends where you are.

      • Exactly. Can't even find a rental in some places in QLD. Must be the "Most liveable city in the world" has lost it's shine somewhat after the total incompetency of the premier.

  • I've got "Landlords Value Plus Extra Protection" from (via RE agent in WA). My last renewal was $260/yr. It's been going up ~$10/yr for the last few years.

    The website breakdown of what is covered is quite poor (to me). The scanned brochure I get emailed has a much more readable table.

    I've never made a claim so can't comment on that aspect. Almost did a couple of times, but it was for things around the excess limits so just paid & claimed on tax instead.

  • Good luck finding rent default from any of the providers if youre changing.

    From my investigations this is no longer being offered if moving from 1 provider to another. Ive now had to do 8 LLords ins renewals and the ave increase has between 20-25% so Ive shopped around, none were offering rental default, so I was stuck with the hefty increases if I wanted that included in my policies

    • Check RACQ, I'm pretty sure they offer rent default. They stepped away from the Landlords Insurance space for most of last year but are now offering coverage again.

  • We used Terri Scheer, but never renewed, just applied for a new policy every year to avoid the increase in price. No issues with it.

    Had the RE apply for loss of rent when a tenant stopped paying rent (whilst out of lease) until they moved out. Terri Scheer paid it out no issues (I feel the issue was with the RE's actions, but that's another story)

  • Anyone have experience with property insurance plus? They seem to have a decent product, however I am just concerned with some of the wording.

  • Also interested. I always had landlords insurance, and in two instance when I've had to claim (soil movement structural plumbing issue, psycho destructive tenant) the insurance company either didn't pay (first issue) or dodged substantial amount of payment claiming fair wear and tear (I would love to rent their house and give it some fair wear and tear!).

    Ask your agent not just for recommendations, but for testimonials from other landlords on their books who have made a claim and are happy.

    Not many to choose from, so you're probably gonna get screwed when claim time comes. Sorry.

  • Ask Mr Google
    Its that easy

  • Try Shielded Insurance Brokers, they deal direct with the underwriters. Record the call whenever dealing with any insurance company. They do. They will use it against you but will not use it to support your claim without a court order. Make sure when they say your call is being recorded for "quality assurance puposes" that you tell them the same LOL