Coinbase Listing - How to Buy Shares?

I heard Coinbase is going public tomorrow. What's the best way to buy shares from Australia?

Currently only have Commsec.

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  • I'll give you 2.5 Fergles for every $1 if you want to go down this path?

  • Best to put your entire life savings into it as well OP.

  • Previous threads about buying international shares

  • Easier to just buy bitcoin.

  • SelfWealth is supposed to do international trades.

  • Commsec allows you to buy international shares, call them and ask thats what they are oaid for

  • The history of cryptocoin exchanges and repositories is the history of (alleged) hacks and money going missing mysteriously.

    And now Wall Street, with their bag of tricks, is joining the party.

    Going to all end in tears.

  • the people who say Bitcoin is a bubble and dont buy it.. but will invest in funds and ETFs that are tripping over themselves to buy Conbase due to the profit it makes because of Bitcoin bull market.. it was just right timing for them they know the markets not the fund managers…

    it does less than 2% of BTC overall volume.. profits will get stagnant when Bitcoin hibernates for couple of years (see the bitcoin halving cycles )…

    most people buy bitcoin and hodl.. it never sees conbase again ever.. they dont even have enough Bitcoin as assets. eventually all altcoins will lose 90% - 99% of their value.

    buy the real thing #Bitcoin… dont get distracted by the noise..