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Cookmaster 3-in-1 Outdoor Fire Pit Grill $69.99+ Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Blow your guests away with the Cookmaster Fire Pit Grill, a show-stopping outdoor centrepiece that’ll keep your guests warm and grill them a juicy steak at the same time – it even doubles as an ice bucket!
Outdoor fire pit, ice bucket and BBQ grill-in-one
Bring light and warmth to your outdoor setting
Cook up a huge feast thanks to the grill’s spacious surface area
Elegant matte steel finish
Heat-resistant iron fire bowl – doubles as an ice bucket!
Easy to assemble
Includes: grill, safety mesh dome screen lid, fire pit cover and poker tool

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  • blow me away.

  • Be careful clicking on the picture, there is a sign that says "Hot!"

  • Wanna bet this thing will rust by the second week its out in the open?

    • this thing will rust

      Iron tends to do that

    • …and ?

      I've never seen an iron fire pit without a rusty patina 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • Well, just makes your backyard looks like one of those junk yards then with a rusty firepit. May suit some styles, but no thanks for me.

        • A hot tip for longevity is to put it away in a shed and bring it out for use. Rain is a catalyst for rust and iron already rusts easily. So leaving this sort of thing outside will quickly lead to the inevitable.
          A neighbour of mine custom made one out of a truck rim. The shear thickness of the rim means that he can leave it outside and it would take a hell of a long time for it to rust through.
          I think the rim cost him ~$50

  • Should be illegal in any built up area. At least a wood fire has standards and efficiency requirements. Firepit just spewing toxic shit into your own but worse into neighbours who never consented to be poisoned yards. Inconsiderate (profanity) who use these with no thought.

    • How is burning wood toxic?

      • isn't the smoke toxic or at least not good to breath that shit in?

        just look at the bushfires and health issues that were reported

      • Smoke can trigger asthma attacks, and people often burn wood they’re not supposed to, that might be treated with copper chrome arsenate, or contain solvents, glues, plastics etc.

        Having said that, humans have been around fire since the start, so we’re pretty fond of it. Also, not all of us live in a densely built-up area where smoke can waft into OP’s study while they’re furiously tweeting about one thing or another.

        • even breathing in the smoke of normal wood isn't good for you
          heard/read somewhere it like smoking alot of cigarettes

          Nevertheless humans love being round a camp fire..
          just goes back to primal time..

          Most people live in suburbs and have neighbours next to their fences and some do not like smoke blowing around or near their house..

          Some even are concern that you might have a house fire (from seeing the smoke) which could spread to their house.