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[VIC] 50% off T2 Loose Tea, Chocolate, Coffee & More in-Store @ David Jones (Melbourne CBD Food Hall, Bourke Street)


The food hall at David Jones in Melbourne CBD is closing down and they are discounting around 50% for most food items there.
Deal is only available in store and not online.
You can also find other items like chocolate,pantry items and coffee going at 50% off in store.
Post is correct on the day of posting.

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David Jones
David Jones


  • When Market St Foodhall was closing down, they had very heavily discounted TWG with long expiry dates.

    The T2 tins are worth grabbing since they only were released around the end of the year last year (and if you drink that flavour often, you have a nice labelled tin)

  • Wow that looks messy.

  • Expect Malvern central to follow suit as its closing in may. Not sure when capitol grand store in south Yarra will close.

  • OP, did you see any TWG tea while you were there?

  • That's a shame :(

  • Sad to see them go. They offered really tasty in-house baked treats back in the 2000s. The cheesecakes were awesome.

    • Aren't they going to be back once they consolidate the men's store (where the current Food Hall is) into the women's store?

  • As of this post:
    100g boxes Canberra bfast, go go goa, Sydney bfast, packs a peach, Darjeeling, green rose, tummy tea, strawberries and cream, fruitalicious, sencha, new York bfast.

    Few other sizes and flavours.

    • Canberra breakfast? Not sure I want my tea to taste like an early morning press conference about my history of sexual assault, and I say that as a Canberran who isn’t a rapist (there are dozens of us)

      Also - wish I were in Melbourne to broden all the goodies

  • We were at South Yarra yesterday, good range of T2, cookies and fancy chocolates and Lindt. Also Misty's Salted Caramel! A bit of honey and other sauces, sodas. Only worth stopping by if in the area. 7 shelves stocked, most were empty.

    Don't forget to BYO bag! Their bags are $5.. but it was an unexpected shop for us so.

  • Went today after work, unfortunately no tins left :( I'm really just after the tins but I ended up buying a couple of boxes anyway.

  • This is still on, and it's going off! Lots of items besides what is on the pictures. Perhaps they opened up the other aisles