[NSW] Redeem 2 Movie Tickets with 1 Discover Voucher @ Event Cinemas


Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Reedem 1x Discover voucher for 2 movie tickets at Event Cinemas. Pretty decent considering discounted movie tickets were around $12 pre-covid. Redeem in cinema at the candy bar to avoid the booking fee.

Original Dine & Discover Deal

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  • Booking fee applies as its for online booking only.

    • How do you scan your ticket when booking online? i did this and it just charged my CC (26.8 or w/e)

      • You need to type in the discover voucher code

        • i didnt even see an option to enter a code / thing for it? maybe im blind haha

          • @blinkybro: Online redemption: (click for more details)

            1. Select your movie session, seat and/or food and beverage items through the Event Cinemas website or mobile app.

            2. Proceed to the payment section. Customers will be able to redeem their Dine & Discover NSW voucher online by either:

              • Add your Dine & Discover NSW voucher number in the ‘payment method’ section and click ‘validate’. Once the voucher is accepted, $25 will be removed from your order summary. Click ‘Complete your order’ to proceed.
              • Add your Dine & Discover voucher number in the ‘add in voucher or code’ section and click ‘submit’. Once the voucher is accepted, $25 will be removed from your order summary. Click ‘proceed’ to complete your order.

            3. Once payment is accepted and processed you will be sent a booking confirmation of your order to the email selected.

            I must admit that I googled this step prior to booking and this can be easily missed when winging it :)

    • You should be able to redeem it at the cinemas. It looks like only the movie package deal (1x movie ticket + medium combo + choc top) is online only, while the other two deals (2x movie tickets or 1x Gold Class ticket) are for both online and in-cinema.

    • You can redeem in cinema to avoid the booking fee

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    The fact they charge a booking fee on top of this, rather than combining it and the tickets into a single $25 total. Shakes head

    • I don't understand why they're charging a booking fee, same as the Easter show charging booking fee of $4? What's that for really.

      • Probably their payment platform fees & some data integration per-use costs - ticket vendors are notorious for this - and it just seems stingy

        • thats a poor excuse, i would think selling physical tickets incurred more expenses than doing virtual, otherwise whats the point of going online if its not more efficient!?

      • What's that for really.

        Free money.

  • The better deal for singles is movie ticket, medium popcorn medium coke and a choc top for the voucher plus $1.50 booking fee. The fact is your getting $20 of over priced cinema food and a movie for $1.50, a good use of a discover voucher I would never use elsewhere.

    • I did this the other day and medium was way bigger than expected

      Couldn't finish the popcorn as it makes you ridiculously thirsty and you'll run out of drink or chuck a whizz during the movie

      Better option than the 2 tickets though considering you can get similar prices on certain days / cinemas

  • You can also redeem 1x Gold Class ticket with some exclusions

  • Thanks OP, wife is using today with the kids.

  • Not gonna lie this is so complicated I think I am just gonna try it at another local and just do it in person.

    Also can't split it up and have 2 separate tickets for say different days so no deal for the single people loners like me :(

    • Complicated?
      We used one of the vouchers the other week via event cinemas page and it's just an alternate payment option on the last screen. Credit card, PayPal, gift card, NSW voucher.
      Select voucher and enter the character string shown in your NSW services app under the applicable voucher.
      Pretty simple.

      Our local event cinema is cheap enough that you can buy 2 tickets for under 25 bucks, so would be possible to just buy 2 single tickets to two seperate movies/days in a single transaction I assume.