Does Banggood Provide an Au Plug?

As title said. I'm trying to buy a phone for a friend, and instead of going to my usual choice of being it from goldway, I've decided to give bang good a try, due to being able to pay pal.

I wonder do they provide us an Au plug?

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  • I'm getting the poco x3 Pro btw, if it helps.

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    Au Plug

    I thought at first it was French for something that is NSFW

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      Anything can be nsfw if you tried hard enough.

  • It's just a USB adaptor, if it's not Aus plug just buy one, they are $5.

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    Most likely an awful adapter that should be thrown in the bin. Unless it's Aus model, they would need to open the box and swap out the charger. Then everyone complains security tag cut…

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    The POCO / Xiaomi phones don't come in australian versions so they are definitely not going to give you a SAA approved mobile phone charger with Australian plugs. At most they'll give you a travel adapter.

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    They gave me an adapter with my Poco X3. European charger, though, which is inconvenient.

  • Purchased 2 phones from them earlier this year and they supplied 2 aussie adaptors for the charger.