SOLVED: NordVPN Stopping Access via Boost Mobile but Not Wi-Fi.Any Ideas?

Hi all

I have NordVPN which I seem to recall was always working with no issues but for a little while I seem to have stumbled into an issue at some point. I fire up NordVPN on my Android phone (S20+ 5G) which is running on Boost Mobile. Then I use Brave or Chrome and try to navigate to a web page (OzB, BBC or The Age) and it just sits there and the page never connects.

However if I turn on my Wi-Fi and connect to my home network the VPN software functions perfectly. Turn off Wi-Fi and try to access the pages again and it just sits there.

Anybody know of anything glaring that I can look at that may be causing the issue? It is very odd that it works fine with Wi-Fi but via mobile data I get nothing.

SOLVED - If anyone else experiences something similar then all I had to do was go into the VPN settings within the app and choose OpenVPN (TCP) and the VPN protocol option. Did that and it started working. I think I had it on Use Recommended prior and it was Customer Help who advised of the change to make. I don't know why it worked with the VPN protocol as it was when using my wi-fi but not Boost but hey…'s now sorted.

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  • Have you tried contacting the nordVPN help services?

    • nordVPN help line is now OzBargain forums. Keep up.

      • OzBargain is the all everything help line.

        • Ozb is the one stop shop for the best assistance in any situation. I thought I would chance my arm first before reaching out to a Malaysian / Philippino call centre (or wherever else they may outsource their support to) to try and resolve the issue with my best pigeon English.

          Just in case someone else had experienced the same and knew of a simple fix.

  • Sounds to me like Telstra's blocking the VPN service.

  • Did it previously work on Boost and now it doesn't?

    Or is it that you recently changed to Boost and now Nord doesnt work?

    • I'm sure it used to work but now it doesn't. Could be since I changed my sim as I had Boost allocate the $300 credit from a recent starter pack deal to my account. They made me swap the sim over when they did and then transfer my account details to the new sim.

      No dramas, will just need to roll the dice with customer support.

  • Do you reconnect the VPN after disconnecting from wifi?

  • maybe ask the query on Whirlpool NordVPN (or Boost) thread and see if anyone else has the same problem