Thoughts on Kinetic Education Services

Has anyone heard or experienced with Kinetic Education? Please comment about it

Thank you

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  • Personally I'd prefer a more 1-on-1 tutor (in person). Something like a uni student who will do it for a decent price, but will be able to communicate other methods of learning the principles that they may have picked up

  • throwback to maths wiz and english wiz (and now science wiz)
    decent program. still have access to this 20 years later. i believe they have tutors you can phone or email as well for additional help

  • Yes, they have on call tutors. Kinetic edu charge $26 per subject or $36 for two subjects. The catch is, 12 months minimum contract.

  • I'm currently using it for my 2 kids (8 and 12). It's great for self-motivated kids or parents who have time to make sure their kids spend time on it. My 8 year old listens to me and will log on to do some work so it's worth it, but it's a bit wasted on my 12 year old as he hasn't done anything in the past 4 weeks. I do like that I can monitor their progress, and I know if I really wanted to make my kids sit and work an hour a day, the option to do so easily is readily available. The downside is that I'm locked into payments for a year so I can't cancel the payments for my 12 year old.