Warranty Claim Shipping Costs

Hey all. I have a faulty 75inch EKO TV. Before heading into BigW to begin a return I was hoping to find out if they are legally required to cover return costs.

Thank you.

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  • I know the good guys do for over 65".

  • Suggest you read the warranty info that came with the TV when you bought it or lookup the EKO web site for info, https://www.eko-entertainment.com.au/ .

  • When a product is too large, too heavy or too difficult to remove, the business is responsible for paying the shipping costs or collecting the product within a reasonable time of being notified of the problem. Examples include:

    • a wide screen TV

    Yes. A 75" TV is a wide screen TV


  • Have you tried calling the retailer you purchased it from(i.e bigw) to discuss warranty options?

  • Is your return just a 'change of mind' or a real fault?

  • Anything warranty wise as the consumer, your only responsibility is to return it to the place of purchase, any costs after that is entirely on the retailer.

    • Provided it is a genuine warranty claim*

      This is where I found people got caught out (or, rather, would complain incessantly) as retailers and manufacturers have a right to have the item assessed for validity of the warranty claim, as well as charge for the shipping and testing process if it is not a legitimate warranty claim (e.g damage caused by user)