[ACT] Levi's 501 $59 in-Store @ Rivers (DFO Canberra)


I was at DFO Canberra and they had Levi's 501s for men (Black/Navy/Blue) for $59.

Levis 501s are not even on their website so not sure if this counts as a deal.

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Rivers Australia
Rivers Australia


  • From memory, these generally go for a similar price at CostCo…

  • Costco has black/navy/blue Levi's 505s for $50. Are 501s better (button fly and looser fit) or is it just a personal choice?

    • Not better, just a personal choice thing. I used to wear 501s, but they aren't really in fashion right now (too loose).

      I don't wear levis anymore myself, but if I did I'd trend more toward 511's and 513's. They're different cuts that are noticeably slimmer.

  • Well, guess I'm buying new jeans this weekend

  • I've finally worked out that the only way they can get people to live in Canberra is to offer tax
    exemptions or discount items.I mean you wouldn't live there by choice surely? ha ha
    Remember that because the famous Levi 501's are made in different countries now (instead of being made solely in the U.S.A.) the fittings can vary.Like the ones made in Mexico are a different fit to those made in India Read:no consistency in manufacture).Try before you buy.