Need Refurbished iPhone/Galaxy for DJI Mini Controller

Hey guys,

My phone isn't compatible with the DJI fly app so I need a budget replacement.

Was looking at the iPhone 6-8 and the galaxy s6-8 models.

Anyone using these with the DJI fly app?

Was just wondering about getting one with a decent battery too.

Would the boost refurbished ones be ok?


  • My phone isn't compatible with the DJI fly app

    What do you have now?

  • Just a $99 android lol

  • Hi, if your phone is Android. You can download the apk from the DJI website. Just turn on install from unknown sources. I just had to do this with my new galaxy 21. It works fine once installed. For iPhone. Can't tell you sorry

  • I would pick Samsung over iPhone for the this. Samsung have bigger screen makes it easier to see. With the boost refurbished, they are not really "refurbished" they are just used phone.

  • Any thoughts about an entry level brand new phone for around $300 vs a flagship from about 5 years ago for drone purposes?

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    Just curious as I need a display screen for a mavic mini and don't have the budget for high end model. They don't mention cheaper models on the DJI compatibility list either.


    • I'm sure it'll run but I just can't imagine the experience being great with a low end phone, and having a decent realtime/live video feed is quite essential to flying a drone IMO (or at least, it is for someone who is casual/inexperienced). Also note that the DJI app does more than just show a video feed even if you have a controller connected - it manages a whole bunch of other settings/routines/etc.

      EDIT: I did google this a bit and others seem to say older phones do seem to work okay and saw suggestions of devices like Galaxy S7. I guess YMMV but as someone who owns an A20, I don't know how much faith I'd have in devices which have weak SoCs.

    • Ah ok :) im looking at the pixel 3a too. Not sure if it's compatible, I'd say so. Apparently has a nice camera. Probably a better OS too?