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Hi OzB!

Got an OzB exclusive code: OZB15

This will give any order over $199 15% off.

Huon Salmon, Ocean Trout, Caviar and Omega Treats (pet treats) are all applicable.

Orders under $199 can still use the long-running TRYHUON code for 10% off.

All orders over $149 get free shipping (was $199).

If you're looking at making a Mother's day brunch, make sure you place an order by Wednesday 28th April and select either Thursday 6th or Friday 7th May as a delivery day to be closest to Mother's Day on the 9th May.

🛈 About this store

The Huon Salmon online store sells Sashimi grade salmon fillets as well as cold and hot smoked Salmon and Ocean Trout and caviar. Orders are sent out from our processing facility in Tasmania. No products sold on the online store have been frozen or thawed. Fun fact: We've fulfilled over 15,000 orders since the online store launched.

After your order is placed our customer service team will be in touch within 2 business days to confirm the day it will be sent (minimum of 5-7 business days from order). All products are made-to-order and shipped out in polyboxes containing frozen-gel packs which last for up to 56 hours. Orders arrive within 24-48 hours of dispatch. Even from Tasmania to Cairns, and it's still colder than a supermarket deli fridge.

You can find out more about the ordering process on the Huon Aquaculture website. We also have a new fact sheet section(huonaqua.com.au) on our website that covers our RSPCA Approved Farming info and other information.

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  • I had no idea what this was, and assumed that it was a rug company based on the thumbnail. Isn't the company name meant to be in the title?

    • +2 votes

      Sorry Bedgrub, I always miss something when posting to OzB.

      Have added a bit more info to the post about Huon and the online store. If we venture into rugs, I'll be sure to post up a closing down sale!

  • Salmon quality is great (sorry did not try trout so can’t comment). My last order had been lost in transit but the way the customer service team handled it was good enough for me to look past it. Shall definitely order again


      Thanks Gleung,

      We'll hopefully get Trout onto the store to try again sometime soon. The problem is forcing users to select certain dispatch days based on the products in the cart. Trout is only harvested on certain days and so delivery can only be on a Wed or Thursday. We'll work it out soon with an update to the store. We're also working on making sure transit issues become less and less of a problem, but as always when it rains it pours!

  • Quality is so good at Huon. We’ve ordered a few boxes in the past.

    But they need to sort out a more enviro friendly box/packaging. We’ve got a couple of the big foam boxes sitting around, I’ve tried to use them as planters but not ideal. Stopping me ordering more because of the plastic wastage.

    Anyway would still recommend them any time. We don’t have any fish shops nearby so this delivery service has been great.

  • I think I've ordered at least 5 or 6 times now between my place and partner's place.
    Almost always went smoothly apart from one time earlier this year…
    Parcel went missing (this was a Friday) so I was advised not to eat it if it rocks up as it would be out of the fridge for at least 72 hours.
    I was given a replacement order of the same thing and it rocked up within another one or two business days.
    Funnily enough, the second order did rock up some almost 2 weeks later. Opened the sytro box, out of curiosity, and it seemed ok but I had fresh sashimi (which was well beyond the expiry date) so I threw it out everything without opening the plastic packaging…

    Some minor criticism - the fresh sashimi fillet doesn't seem that fresh in my opinion. Was quite fishy on both occasions I've ordered it and didn't taste quite right, unlike the Huon I buy from the local fishmonger… From my experience, I'd say stay away from the sashimi, everything else is great and I can whole heartedly recommend.
    But the whisky cured salmon is an absolute winner, planning on buying 1kg of that cured stuff next!

  • "APR15 on our online store for 15% OFF on all orders over $50"

    *offer ends 11.59pm AEST 30 April 2021.

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      Hi keepbouncin - can confirm that we have opened this up to club members for the remainder of the month. The OZB15 code will be good until EOFY though. :)