Security Camera and Door Bell / Intercom Advise for Double Storey House

Hi all,

We are building our first house and the builder hasn't been much helpful when I asked that I need provisioning for door bell / intercom and security cameras. They ask questions as what type of cameras and what type of provisioning do you need for the door bell etc.

We are not very technical so just wanted to ask the OzB community for advise.

I do not want to get the systems installed through the builder as they are definitely marked up.

Just want to have provisioning so that I can later on research and get the systems installed.

Is there a generic simple way to tell them what provisioning I need and where?

Appreciate any feedback regarding this topic. Thank you so much.


  • Suggest you talk to an installer.

    I have heard some installers get in touch with site supervisors to get the pre-wiring done just after the frame stage or before the boards go up.

    Please PM me incase you are in Melbourne,…can share details of the electrician we used.

  • You need to know what system you want to get before a builder can make provisions for them.

    If it's IP cameras you want, and you're going wired, you'll need cat6 going from each camera location to a central point. If you're not going POE, then each camera will also need a power point near it.

    If you don't know what any of that means, then you need to find someone who does and have them come visit.

    Unless you want to share your address and house layout on the internet.

  • I'm a licensed security installer in Melb. PM me if you need any advice.