Want to Buy a Second Hand Kia Cerato?

I am looking to buy a second hand Kia Cerato and have been looking at one of these in particular.
I am aware car prices at the moment are over inflated and will wait closer to the end of the year in hope that they will come down to where they were previously?

Just want to ask, are these reliable, solid cars like Toyota's or are there issues with build and reliability. I'm not familiar with the quality of the cars of Kia and whether they are built to last - I know that Kia has a long 7 year warranty but I would prefer if I don't have to use it often.. My car is a Toyota echo and I want to upgrade to something better, safer and newer.

I will be driving the Kia for at least the next 10 years and would like to have no major issues. Car will just be used around town, going to work, shops etc.

This is the one:



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  • Have a Kia myself, it's painfully reliable, to the point where i have no reason to get rid of it.

    Part of me wants a euro car for the wankvalue and pretentiousness.
    Part of me wants to stick with the Kia because reliability and knowing it'll start everytime.

  • Kia's past 2015 (and maybe 2010+) are solid. Very reliable.

    Afaik, Toyota is no longer the top dog in reliability, due to moving manufacturing away from Japan for most cars… Only mazda is still there, or so i last heard.

    Toyota cars seem to attract a premium nowadays and you pay more for it.

    I would say top 3 reliability wise are Mazda, Toyota and Kia (especially post 2015).

    older than 2010, i would pick a toyota.

  • My ex need a car in 2016. I suggested a new Cerrato. She bought an MY17 Cerrato S (???) automatic with the upgraded screen. It was $18kDA.

    She's really happy with it. My kids, who share a 2005 Accord Euro automatic say the Cerato is a bit gutless and heavy on fuel.

    • I'm confused. Did she divorce you because you recommended the Cerato or because she fell in love with the Cerato?🙂

  • I'm on my second new Cerato and may even purchase another one in a few years.

    So far (touch wood) apart from an injector issue with my first one, which took 3 different stealerships a couple of months to finally diagnose and fix I'm still as happy with the Cerato as the day I first bought one.

    They are reliable, comfortable to drive long distances in, and reasonably fuel efficient. I average 6.5 - 7.00 litres 100km.

    • Fuel efficient 6.5 - 7.00 litres 100km.
      Wondering what engine size, transmission type & is air conditioning on?
      Could you also provide detail for city driving ?

  • I wouldnt touch a 1.8 - saying that the 2.0 is a reliable motor but since its just PFI, you get ok power and ok fuel economy but you dont have the issues with GDI.

    2nd. I've only driven/been in the cheap rep specials and I notice they dont have rear vents. Good luck to any passengers on a hot day.

    My feelings about the car is positive if it were under $20k new which was a common thing pre 2019 but since they are pushing $25k new base model auto…. eh…. I feel like base compact cars should not be $25k!

  • I'm very happy with mine but haven't had it very long. New in 2019, got written off in hail storm of 2020, replaced with another.
    Spent a long time researching cars before settling on the cerato.

  • avoid the hyundai theta II engine (2014 and earlier) newer models will have the Nu engine which has proven reliability

    • -2 votes

      newer models will have the Nu engine

      Don't you mean the Knew engine ?

    • The earlier engines were more reliable. The 2014-2017 models are having issues, in particular the 1.8.

  • -2 votes

    Want to Buy a Second Hand Kia Cerato?

    No, I don't…

  • Great car let down by an old tech engine that's not very fuel efficient. Pity you can't option a smaller capacity, turbo charged engine like the GT.
    Best car in the segment is the hybrid Toyota Corolla.

    • Yeah you need to spend $30k or so on the GT Line model with the turbo 1.6 - its ok but at $30k people would get an SUV.

      Too bad those MG hatches are so shit.

  • Be very careful of the 2014-2016 Cerato models, in particular the 1.8 ltr engine. They have a an issue at between 140-170,000 km where they develop piston slap. I had my engine replaced under warranty last year. Kia were great though, no pushback even though I rarely had it serviced at the dealer. The Hyundai Elantra which shares the same engine is having the same issues. It's a known problem.