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Flexiroam X Starter Kit: 5x Data Boost to 500MB - US$5 (~A$6.46) + US$2 (~A$2.58) Postage @ Flexiroam Australia


Happy Friday Ozbargainers!

Hot on the heels of the trans Tasman Travel Bubble announcement, ScoMo is floating the possibility of letting Aussies out to other destinations!

To celebrate this momentous day we are offering all customers who purchase a Flexiroam X Starter Kit a 5x Data Boost

This means rather that rather than getting just the normal 100MB with your activation, you will now get an extra 400MB for FREEEEEE (bonus data is valid to 21 March 2022)

The data can be used anywhere in our Global Coverage, so basically wherever you are planning to head, we'll have you covered:

Of course if you want to save that precious 500MB for an emergency (to avoid a $10/day roaming charge on a stop over you can always purchase Local Data plans from the Flexiroam X App and this data will be used 1st.

Our Local Plan Pricing Some examples below, but just as easy to download the app and have a look for yourself:


Benefits of Flexiroam X Vs typical Travel SIMs (or Local SIMs)

  • Contactless transaction, shipped from COVID free facility in Australia
  • Flexiroam X SIMs are reusable & never expire! (Convenient & good for the environment)
  • No more SIM Card swapping! (with our eSIM & Microchip SIMs)
  • Offers exceptional value for low volume data users that just need Maps & Whats App when out and about
  • Global coverage
  • Simply top data plans up in the Flexiroam X App as you need!
  • Unrivalled plan flexibility, 1000's of options to suit every itinerary
  • If your plans change you can cancel your Data Plan and re-use the credit for your next trip overseas! (Does not apply to Boost Data in this promo)
  • Flexishare Data sharing feature allows plan sharing between users from anywhere in the world!
  • Outbound VoIP calling using your Australian mobile number!

What's included with your order?

  • Your choice of Flexiroam X Starter Kit eSIM | Microchip SIM | SIM Card
  • 100MB of Global Data valid in all countries for 360 Days
  • 400MB Bonus Flexishare Global Data Plan valid to 21 March 2022
  • SIM Tray Ejector Tool (SIM Card | Microchip versions)
  • Setup Guide


  • 24/7 Email & In App chat support provided by Flexiroam


  • One Bonus Data Plan per activation (each device may only have one Flexiroam Account)
  • Existing customers can purchase the Data Boost separately. Please enter your Flexiroam Account ID at the checkout
  • Offer Ends 19th of April 11:59 PM AEST (or whenever we run out, so be quick)


  • Sent via Australia Post Domestic Tracked or Express Post
  • eSIM Profile QR codes will be sent for FREE via email. Please check your Spam/Junk folder once your order has been placed.


  • You can check out securely with: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Apple Pay
  • Pricing is in USD (No GST applies)

Frequently Answered Questions?

As always if you have any Questions please leave a comment here on OzBargain.

If you know someone who dreams of travelling again, please feel welcome to share and please give us an upvote!

Thanks again for your support OzBargainers! :)

Flexiroam Australia

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  • When does this have to be activated by?

    • +1 vote

      Hi BlueBoy,

      It doesn't really matter when you activate,however we can't Flexishare the bonus 400MB of data until you do. Once you activate, the 360 day clock starts running on the 100MB.

      The bonus 400MB is shared from our account in exactly the same way you could share your data plan with any other Flexiroam user.

      We could hold off on applying the 400MB if you wanted. However you'd have to let us know (by email). It probably would bit of admin nightmare, but in theory I guess we could do it if you really wanted.

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions just let us know.