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[WA] Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy For Boys (64 pk) & Girls (72 pk) $16.99 In-Store @ Spudshed (Member Price)


2 pack Per Person
One Day only (unsure of what day)

Huggies Nappies Unique 3 Layer Design: 1. Baby Soft Liner: Softened with a pure and gentle balm to help protect baby's skin. 2. Unique Surge Layer: Quickly draws moisture away from baby's bottom and into the core. 3. Compact Lock-away Cell: The last layer securely locks wetness away inside ultra-trim super absorbent material to keep your baby dry. Stretchy Shaped Grip Tabs large, shaped grip tabs with super-stretch for a bay-snug fit around the waist

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  • I just saw this email come through and your quick to post. but i still think that ALDI and home brand nappies are still great and bit cheaper i feel.

    • Others arent even close to this price

      Tbh huggies arent all that much more expensive over aldi etc and they are far better

      Buy them when on sale , regularly on sale $25 at coles and smash your flybuys and they are cheaper

  • One Day only (unsure of what day)

    It says Sunday 18th April on the image.

  • Is the offer only for size 5? Anything for a 6 month old baby?