Accidentally Drove in T-Lane Old Windsor Road Sydney

Hey guys.

I accidentally drove at T-lane on old Windsor road in NSW while going for family visit from interstate.

Have clean driving history. And also just followed GPS and it asked me to friend left and and the sign of T- lane was not that visible as it was evening time and it’s right on the main light. I didn’t realised I was being captured by camera but certainly it was said T-lane camera ahead.

Is there any way to get rid of this. Does letter help. Because there was no point of turning around as U-turn in restricted area. And I existed from next light. I heard they are pretty lenient if they look after your history of driving and the reason of the problem cause.

Suggestions to deal with it would be highly appreciated and and thanks in advance.


  • SWMBO did this years ago in a similar position near Westmead Hospital and got a warning. If you do get a ticket, write a letter or fill in the online appeal form and cross fingers.

  • You weren't turning left from Fitzwilliam Road were you? I saw someone mistakenly turn onto the T-way the other week.

  • Is there any way to get rid of this…

    Pretty much sums up what this forum has become… I did something illegal, how do I get out to paying…

    Road Rule 157-1 Where abouts on Old Windsor Rd did you turn into the T-Way lane ?

    Don’t worry about it until the infringement arrives. When it does;
    Read the fine and find out your options
    Get on the Revenue NSW site, find the link where you can apply for leniency.
    Plead your case.
    If they say no, ring and ask for payment options, defer and instalments or ask to have the matter heard in court.

    For the players at home, it's a $349 fine and 1 demerit (Double Demerit points are not applicable to this infringement.)

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      I did something illegal, how do I get out to paying…

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      • Mate I didn’t said I didn’t did wrong. Can’t you read description. As it was mistake and I didn’t said to get rid of it. I asked for suggestions and if you can’t provide one that’s fine mate.

        • Then how else do you expect to 'deal with it'? You deal with it by paying the fine and chalk it up to a lesson learnt. By asking to 'deal with it', it sounded like you don't want to pay the fine, which you haven't even received yet.

          Pay the fine and pay more attention to what's on the road and your surroundings next time.

  • I don’t uderstand why buses still have to stop for red lights on those Tways, its so poorly managed by the govt

    • Do you want to be reimbursed for those 10 seconds you had to wait?

    • Red lights might seem to slow down the traffic you are apart of but they are carefully calculated by a system called SCATS (yes really). The goal is to improve traffic overall rather than give the top 1% all the savings.

      That's why you often get red lights where go go omfg if only this was green I'd have a perfect run.

  • Cop the fine, learn the lesson, drive with more care and heed the signs.

    Blaming the time of day, lights, unfamiliarity and the GPS are your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th mistakes.

    It all comes down to paying 100% attention the task at hand…1st …..Driving.


    Just don't pay anything.

  • Nah mate will wait and talk to them. And will follow what they say.

  • I find it extremely difficult to understand how people can unwittingly drive down these T-way lanes. The lanes are painted with massive red paint markings on the entrances (the same as any bus only lane) with NO ENTRY signs everywhere.