Has Anyone Used The Felix $35/Unlimited for Home Internet?

I've been eyeing the incredible offer of $35 for unlimited 4G internet offered by Felix. This made me think if I could use this instead of NBN as my home internet. I mean think about it, it's a superb deal!

Has anyone tried this?

I did see this on their website

However the felix plan must not be used to provide tethering to other people's devices (for example the devices of members of your household, colleagues or friends), nor used as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem.

But hey, we're bargain hunters. ;)

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  • It looks like its largely the TOS that will stop you, as I couldn't specifically see a "gig max download amount" or similar that I could find trawling through the TOS and the like. For me though its probably the speed thats a killer, still though its not too bad then what I used to have with vivid at 12Mbps. And for many it could be closer to their NBN speeds?

    I will say though, as someone whose internet has largely always been on mobile network. Those speeds are typically "max" and I definitely get very variable speeds, even with Optus now I get anything from 1MB/s down to 5MB/s down. Which can be quite annoying.

    • It's just that with NBN being so unreliable and continuous downtimes, I'm wondering if switching to a mobile network that offers unlimited data is more viable.

      • I've tried it out for the past six weeks. It seems really good cause I went through a lot of data without any throttling (140-150GB Data) so far. I don't really need to use it anymore since my NBN is working great now after replacing the router. I might stay on it for another month, then port to Telstra/Boost because the coverage on my backup mobile (On Mate Mobile - not even full Telstra network) is far greater than vodafone currently.

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        My NBN has always been reliable and almost zero downtime in 5+ years. Maybe be more specific about the delivery technology that's causing you trouble and you might get a more helpful response.

        • Who’s your isp?

          • @KindSifu: I've had Skymesh, then Suerloop and now Mate.

            You still didn't answer the question of what NBN technology is failing you.

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    Yep been using it for the past 2 months. Its perfect for me as I cannot get any other internet where I live. Downloaded 200GB last month. It's a very good deal if you have decent vodafone coverage.

  • Well… I started using it and unfortunately I can’t say that I’m thrilled. I get anything between 1Mbps to 5-7Mbps while at exactly the same spot a Vodafone SIM delivers 14Mbps at peak time (vs. a mere 3Mbps for Felix).

    I have done my own testing and seems I only get HSPA+ not 4G

    Have argued lengthily with Felix, nothings wrong bla-bla-bla. Will finish the month and not renew though I don’t have any other option but mobile data.

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    If you have good Vodafone 4G reception this is a great plan.

    • I don't have a Voda sim but a Kogan sim. Would the speeds with Felix be same with what I get from Kogan or would it be better ?

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        Kogan use the same Voda network so it's the same signal to Felix. If you have some spare data(a few hundred MB) you should do a few speed tests during peak hours 7pm - 11pm. This will give you a real picture of the download speed you will be getting. Remember Felix is shapped at 20Mbps so you hope the Kogan sim will give you over 20Mbps.

        • it is not that good, around 15/2 :( min was like 5/1 and max was like 31/3
          uplink seems to be pretty bad

  • OP, how did it go? I am looking in to the same as I have a 25/5 NBN for $45 but the promo ends in two months

  • Capped at 20Mbps?

  • Mine has been working well with a Huawei b525 for almost 2 months, and suddenly last 24hrs the reception dropped from 2 bars (which gave me constant close to 20mbps) to 1 bar which is now unusable.

    Checked on 3 different mobiles and they've all got reception, and getting speeds around 15mbps (which is less than I remember it being on mobile, before I popped into b525).

    I'd assume it was them suddenly detecting the device, yet it affecting the reception?
    Anyone with experience of this?

    • I suspect it's because of lockdown, everyone are stuck at home and sharing the same mobile tower. You could try repositioning the modem closer to a window for better reception and this could improve the speed slightly.

      • I've done numerous tests, all around block of flats, reception good, suddenly speeds halved (on both felix & kogan sims [vodafone]). This would make sense with lockdown theory, yet my stationary felix b525 suddenly losing reception AND speed, is weird.

        • Makes sense. I know Felix and Kogan both are Vodafone so they will give you the same results. If you have a Telstra/Optus sim and you have good reception, you could do a few speed tests when Felix/Kogan is slow. Anyway, I am convinced it's because of lockdown. This happened to Optus in my area last year and Optus had to stop selling home internet to my area.

  • If anyone has this, can this be used to stream 4K?

    • It will not work, especially not from 5-10pm. You might get lucky if you want to stream during 4AM in the morning.

      • Why not, isn't mobile internet pretty reliable?

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