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[PC] Steam - Free - World of Tanks Blitz: Space Pack (was $42.95) - Steam


Another freebie from Steam.

You need the free base game to add this DLC.

Free base game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/444200/

From the website:

Galactic Riches!
Enjoy cosmic wealth at a down-to-earth price!

There's the D.W. 2 Collector tank in an animated camouflage of celestial beauty, 168 Earth hours of Premium Account, a heap of boosters that stretch into low orbit, and certificates for x5 XP topped by an astronomical amount of credits. Get it all at a favorable price!

This bundle includes:

• Fully-equipped D.W. 2 German Tier IV Collector heavy tank with a Garage slot
• Certificate for the Invader Epic animated camouflage for Tier IV–VI vehicles
• 250,000 credits
• 7 days of Premium Account
• 10 Rare Gold boosters
• 25 Epic Crew XP boosters
• 25 Epic Credit boosters
• 25 Epic Free XP boosters
• 25 Epic Combat XP boosters
• 5 certificates for x5 XP
• Night Hunter Epic avatar

The Durchbruchswagen 2 heavy tank is a formidable vehicle with a penetrating gun that's as powerful as a meteor strike. The D.W. 2's first-class weapon will destroy enemies quickly and dramatically, while its solid amount of HP will give the vehicle a great chance to withstand fire.

Together with the tank, you'll get a certificate for the Invader Epic animated camouflage, the Night Hunter avatar, and a solid supply of resources. The Premium Account time, credits, boosters, and certificates for x5 XP will help your progress along the Tech Tree jump into hyperspace!

Note: if you already have the vehicle in your Garage, you will not receive compensation. The bundle can be purchased only once.


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  • Thanks make sure to just pretend install it then cancel the download to make it register as if it is owned on your account if you have not got the game installed or owned yet.

    Otherwise it won't let you claim it because it sees your account as not having the base game owned yet so it can't add the dlc to it.

    I just quick installed it for a few seconds then cancelled and uninstalled then added the free dlc easily.

    Sometimes you may need to do this for other games as well when claiming free dlc like for example the other free giveaway happening with the KARDS game on steam.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • Any way to do this on your phone? Never at the pc when these come about

      • Not that I am aware of.

        There is a remote install option on my pc but I think you need an addon to do it that works only on chrome and is not steam app or steam browser native.

        So I don't think there is a way to do this on your phone.

    • I clicked install, left it asking for a directory, didn't click anything else, just the single click to get the first popup install screen, then clicked the free Space Pack and it registered. I had to do it on a PC.

      • Oh nice so you don't even need to let it download a few kilobytes just start the install process and get to the select directory screen and it will register it.


        Thanks for the information this should help a lot of people.

  • +2 votes

    Amazing deal! Thank you, legend 😁