Health Insurance Extras - How to Maximize Benefits

What is the best way to maximise private health insurance extras benefits by switching from one insurance company to another, given that some reset annual limits on 1st January while others reset annual limits on 1st July? Can you cancel or lower your policy after using your annual limits?


  • A little known trick with optical is to claim either side of the anniversary. So say your benefits tick over on 1july order a pair of glasses in late June and claim the rebate, then when you pick up the glasses a week later in July you can claim the rebate again on the same glasses /order. The claims are in 2 separate years.
    Ive done this a few times with opsm maximising the 50% off second pair and eofy 20% sale and 2 claims which minimises the out of pocket.

    • So do you get 2 invoices - one in June when your order the glasses, and then again another invoice in July when you pick them up? Or do they just swipe your health fund card twice (if you're using the HICAPS system)?

      • So its a single invoice but they ask you to pay a deposit in June (you swipe ypur card using hicaps), then when you pick up your glasses in july you pay the balance also swiping using hicaps.

        So yes you swipe your card twice.

    • Do you use the same invoice twice? Or are you paying half in each period?

    • If this works, this is a legit hack

    • Is this fraud?

    • I thought extras benefits reset at 1 Jan not July

      • AHM resets in July

      • Depends on the health fund. Some are calendar year, some are financial year.

      • Different funds reset different periods. Some is fiscal year, others is wjen you sign up (say April) others is calendar year. If you call and ask they are open to tell you when it resets.

        The trick is the same just different month.

        I thought it was a legit trick hence posting… Done it many times.