Birkenstock Arizona Leather

Trying to get a pair of -

Birkenstock Arizona Habana Oiled Leather brown size 38 for the Mrs.

I’ve found them for $184 at local shops but was wondering if I can get them at a better price?

Thanks ;)


  • Kogan's actually quite competitive on these time to time.

    • Ok I’ll check them out. All genuine I’m guessing. I’ve only really heard bad things about Kogan. Never used them myself

  • Endclothing is pretty cheap for birkenstocks, need so buy a few to get the free shipping though…

  • I wear Birktenstock Arizonas I have 2 pairs in storage.

    However a friend just bought me a pair of Kmart ones for $5 (just like Arizonas and is 1 piece plastic material so perfect for communal showers / beach and wet places.

  • I got a pair marked down from $185 to $139 from The Iconic on boxing day sales. You might have some luck if you don’t mind waiting for the big annual sales, otherwise they seem to be one of those products that are rarely discounted and always in high demand.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Just got a pair from Kogan, fingers crossed it’s all good

  • Received the Birkenstock yesterday from Kogan only to find out they sent us a used / returned pair!!

    They were all unbuckled and scratched to all buggery