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Kirkland Signature Organic Cashews 2x 1.13kg $29.97 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Missed on Fancy Cashews but able to find organic Cashews at good price. Good price for 2 pack

Please notes its online shopping price not sure about store price

Sorry in advance for any mistakes in posts

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale

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    "Quantity reset to 0 because of stock restrictions" - meaning no stock..

  • About $25 each in store.

    Missed the deal.

    • is that really a good deal price?

      aldi and woolworths sells it too and the unit cost probably pretty close plus no need for membership fee

  • Cant add to cart.

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    DJA Shitake Mushroom Crisps are on specials

    • Oos

  • Damn, spiced cashews are a heccin good snack, shame I missed it

    • are costco cashews better than the supermarket ones from coles, woolies or aldi?

      any idea which country these cashews are coming from?

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  • sad, always miss these nuts deals…..

    • Wow thanks!

    • Do they deliver it for free for non-members, or that's for Costco members price? Also, what's the expiry date for these almonds? Someone said in a comment below when they're discounted like this they're near their expiry dates.

      • Agree it's usually a few months to expiry.

  • So the delivery thing, you have to be 20k from their warehouse and spend 500 up?

    • That's for Business Orders.

      • how about regular customer, for example like this deal. any limitation? i pay 29.97 and they will deliver 2 of them to my door?

        • Yes. Home delivery for regular Costco members opened last year. Usually all items are a bit expensive online because of delivery charges added to each item. Occasionally, you will see such deals which are mostly clearance items with best before date nearing soon

          • @jsb: Was waiting on Coomera warehouse to open and renew my membership, maybe should consider now. Thanks

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    Using the term "organic" without certification is illegal in Australia. I'd consider them anything but organic if that's something that matters.

    • Should you report them to the relevant authorities then?

      Also, if it matters, the packaging says "Certified organic by ECOCERT SA".

    • would like to know where these are sourced from

  • What a great price, this deal is nuts

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