Anyone in Inner West Sydney Who Wants Free Firewood

So in my journey to get good firewood, cause Bunnings wood is shit as is the servo's, I discovered Wastewood. 182 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. I saw on their website they offer free firewood. I went down a few days ago. A profanity load is an understatement on how much profanity wood there is. I hired a ute van today and got enough that even if put my pit on for a bit every night, I would have enough to last me til the end of winter. And I didn't even scratch the amount that they have available. It's all outside too; no need to wait till they open or call or anything. Pallets upon pallets. Go nuts, people. Go get that shit cause they're closing in May.
And it's good shit. I didn't even need kindling. A bit of firestarting shit under a few pieces of this wood and WOOSH up that mother profanity went. 4 pieces I had running and it was like an inferno. And they say on the website not one piece is contaminated; it's all meant for firewood.
Go peoples, go get that good shit.


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    I love your passion.

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      Haha thanks. I love cold seasons, and sitting outside reading a book in front of my fire is a joy. I also love free shit and free firewood is amazing.

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        I too also appreciate all these things, I wish I had a fireplace :( Enjoy your free wood and warm winter mate.

        • If you have a backyard, just get a firepit. I paid like $150 which I know isn't cheap but damn I'm enjoying it.

  • Someone reported this as illegal? is their website "FIREWOOD $0 Take home Free!" I also spoke to the guy who runs the place a few days ago asking about it. He said come whenever and go nuts.

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    Don’t let that MarksMarkdownMarket know, he’ll take them all and resell on ebay. 😡

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      *and resells (add profit) and calls it a bargain! 😔

  • So basically just off cuts of untreated wood they have trimmed up?

    • Yeah is there a problem with that? It's free.

      • No problem. As soon as I read the title I thought of redgum, yellow box, grey box etc not off cuts of pine etc.

        I was initially excited then a bit disappointed as I explored further.

        • Bit far for you though?

          • @ihbh: Yep. Don't need it. Was just curious.

  • Can i use this in my woodfired oven? I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to burning wood.

  • Softwood burns a lot quicker than hardwood, so not good if you want to keep the fire going over night. It might be best used for a fire pit rather than an enclosed indoor fireplace.

    I've used a couple of different wood types, and find the least amount of hassle is Jarrah. Burns longest, and seems to produce less smoke and creosote, so less maintenance. Hopefully someone might be able to elaborate further on speed/smoke/creosote on different wood types.