To complete purchase or not

Had organised to go pick up a second hand item. Organised days before a time. Texted again in morning on day of pick up. No response from seller. That was my first mistake. Went there knocked, rang door bell, texted again. No answer.
Left after 15min unamused. 1hr later seller texts saying asleep and forgot to set alarm. No door bell. Well there was one.. How could I know it didn't work? Second mistake was my fault for not calling.

Anyway not so enthusiastic now about the purchase and thinking of pulling the pin. Thoughts. The item is not 100% and now thinking I should just get a new one for an extra $20, but need to wait for delivery from OS.

I feel that as the seller was not active on the day that the previous deal is revoked. My options are thus open again.

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    Continue with purchase
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    Halt purchase and just buy new


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    new one for an extra $20

    Your time and petrol cost may have already cost you more than your potential $ saving and it’s a 2nd hand item.

    • Yeah exactly. Total debacle from my point of view. Hence the frustration. Make sure the seller confirms on hour they will show up and be ready for transaction. Wait for reply before going to meeting point. Never assume anything.

      The seller did apologise, and offered to drop item off, but I am still now hesitant to continue transaction just because of the seller's poor form.

      Also I know that it isn't the OZB way to pay extra, but sometimes it could be better to just deal with a store and buy new. The saving on the used item wasn't half price of new.

      • So seller forgot (you noted that the time was arranged days before). It happens.
        Why go there after SMSing and not getting a reply. Seems like a wasted trip as seller might not be avail for whatever reason on the day. It is always prudent to call before leaving home to ensure seller is avail etc.

        The seller did apologise, and offered to drop item off = What more can one ask for. That's all they can do hence not sure what the problem is. Sounds like a decent seller to offer to drop off the item to you.

        • Yes it was my fault for going there without a final reply from seller before going there. By the way knowing if I were the seller and arranged a time, I would not have forgotten or texted to arrange another time. It's just courtesy.

  • Buy a new one, move on and forget about it.

  • Me, I’d prefer a new item with the warranty; an extra $20 is worth it for that. You could mention to the seller that you want to pull the pin; he might drop the price, for the inconvenience, or cancel the sale. It, also, depends on how this will affect your rating; depending on what platform you bought it off.

    The seller is, probably, acting in good faith. It is up to you how you view this. Whatever you decide to do be polite and respectful.

    • Me, I’d prefer a new item with the warranty; an extra $20 is worth it for that.

      Its coming from 'overseas' so what warranty in most cases.

  • Such a monumental decision, perhaps you could ring one of the psychic call lines.

  • What are you buying?

  • Does anyone ever make up their own mind anymore without ozbargain deciding for them

    • I had in my mind one of the opinions. Wanted an outside opinion. If you don't care about whether you fall in what others may do then obviously no need to check.