Buy a new Samsung Galaxy A21s or used Galaxy S9?

Hi guys,

My budget is around $350. Just after a phone to control my DJI drone that also takes a half decent picture.

Narrowed it down to these. There's others of course but for Android these were the 2 in my price range that I'm confident will run the notoriously hit n miss DJI sky app.





    If you use Optus Network, the Samsung A21s is only $200 on eBay. Telstra variant is also listed on eBay. S9 is over 3 years old, the battery will be half dead and it will lots of "mileage" on the phone by now. You can also consider the new Samsung A32, it is in your price range if you sell the free bundled earbuds.


      Hi mate, thanks for that.

      Yeah I realise the older phones would lack the updates etc.

      But thought the hardware, screen and camera of a model that was probably $1000 a few years ago might still beat the other. I may be wrong though :) I can't find much comparing them on Google

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        S9 is definitely much faster than A21s or even A32. But as you said, end of software updates is a concern for old phone. Also, the screen size on the older phones are usually smaller.


    I have the s9+ and it's still going strong, the only gripe would be the battery loss.

    Honestly the S9's battery was a bit small for the chip and doesn't last quite as long.

    My preference would be a phone with a bigger battery any day (A21s)


    i actually went through this exact scenario recently. We looked at A21s in the shops. it was clunky and slow. The camera lacks any of the main features like timelapse etc. When looking at the CPU comparisons the s9 is actually faster. The main concern is battery life. Ended up taking a gabmle and Galaxy s9 second hand for around $200 on ebay.. It is still really fast, runs very well, glad we made the choice. Battery life is totally fine and stills gets a entire day of moderate use. Obviously it wont last anywhere near as long as a new A21s, but it really depends what you are after.

    I messaged the seller first to gauge the battery life


      Hey, yeah it sounds like battery life is key.

      What's the deal with updates? I probably wouldn't be doing banking and stuff on it anyway


        s9 still gets security updates as far as i know. but it wont get any major android OS updates. really depends on your use case. i doubt they'l be many major android OS updates on the A21s because the processor is probably too slow.