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LEGO Art Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe 31197 $39 + Delivery @ Target (Online Only)


Just came across on website as part of their Big Brand Toy Promo, good luck

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Cheap. Unless you buy four to put next to each other as intended.

    But yeah.. It's for a certain kind of person.

    • +1

      Would be good for someone who likes easy jigsaw puzzles or intricate bead crafting. Maybe anyway.

  • Just got it click and collect thanks this is great deal

  • ordered 1, hopefully isn't cancelled due to pricing error or something

  • Amazon should price match it

  • Bought 4 and cancelled within minutes , for delivery

    • Same happened to me.

      Ordered, paid and was sent a cancellation and refund a few mins later

    • Why the neg? At this price you'd definitely buy the complete set

  • +3

    Already refunded lol

  • Click and Collect only, no stock in VIC. Someone’s bought bulk and will flip these for $59 a piece or more. Or it could be a price error Target pulled the plug on? SMH

    • +1

      Probably a pricing error

    • +1

      I picked up 4 in store in Vic and left another 7 on the shelf.

    • Nice thinking even $59 people will buy all the stock !

  • +3


  • Very cheap price, but still wouldn't want that on my wall.

  • OOS in Brissy

  • Genuine question - who here REALLY wanted a Lego picture of Marilyn Monroe, And who just wanted it because it’s cheap? Even at this price I thought there would be a fairly small market for this one.

    • +2

      Worth it for the plates alone.

  • +1

    would have been good for parts

  • bought for click and collect SA and refunded within 3 minutes, always a joke target

  • As frustrated as I am for Target orders being cancelled.

    People need to understand one thing with their systems is that the web portal and their backend has a delay in updating. This is worse obviously when it's a hot clearance item that gets jumped on.

    But the moment your order hits their back end, and they have the real inventory level, then yeah that's pretty much why cancellation would be instant.

    So basically the add cart button being enabled was the error.

    Yep, unacceptable in the ecommerce world today, but ehhhh they're probably on par with the other stores out there as well.

    • I just orded a set as the target I use had 6 just rang and $39 each

  • +2

    Thanks, walked into my local as the doors opened and grabbed 4.

    • +3

      Oh? Guess 'Online Only' doesn't mean what I thought it meant. 😄

      • +1

        Depends. This line has been available in store, so stores that still have stock will have it at the same price (I was lucky my local store had heaps). Other lines (eg rollercoaster off the top of my head) have always been online only, so you wont find them in store. In this instance i'd say store stock levels were so low they flagged it as online only.

  • Cancelled as well for click and collect. Did show as "Limited Stock" however.

  • +1

    Mine is yet to be cancelled. Fingers crossed. Thanks OP

    • Hopefully I get mine lol

    • Mine just got cancelled :(

      • mine just got cancelled :( at some people got it)

  • click and collect, refunded and cancelled with 30mins

  • +4

    try your local store. I was after 2 for alt builds and I just went into Watergardens (it was marked as 'limited stock' online) and they actually scanned for $19.50 each.

  • Anyone had any luck matching at kmart?

    • You live in dreamland lol .

      • Still just bummed my order got cancelled

    • +1

      1 - they don't match 'online only'
      2 - Rarely (if ever) will they match without calling to confirm stock availability

  • Shipment 1 of 1 – Packing your item(s)

    Thanks OP.

    • and cancelled. :(

      • Did you order the max ?

        • nah. 2 to get the free shipping.

          • @PissLUR: OK , I would have tried to order the whole store lol .

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