Doctor Suggestion for Hormonal Imbalance (a Question for Melbourne Ladies)

A friend of mine has asked me to post this on her behalf. Please be nice.

Hi lovely ladies,

I'm suffering from imbalanced hormone. The lock-downs have specially made this worse. After being alone for a long time during the lock-down I am not feeling normal anymore. I am an international student living on my small scholarship which won't cover the high costs of treatment. So I'm looking to find the best doctor in hormonal balance so that it could be the first and last doctor I will pay for. I really don't have the money to keep changing doctors. Could you please recommend me the best hormonal balance doctor that you know?


  • What part of Melbourne does your friend live in?

    It might be worth advising them they will probably need to see a GP first and then they may need to refer you to a specialist if it’s something they are unable to help with.

    The key is finding that good GP to begin with, but knowing where your friend lives could assist.

    Another thing to ask is would they be ok with a GP who only speaks English, or would it be beneficial to find a bilingual GP?

    • Thank you for your response mate. She lives in South Yarra. Her current GP, which is her university's GP, is happy to refer her to an endocrinologist of her choice.

      She is fine with English speaking doctors.

      • The Endocrine Society of Australia website can narrow down list of specialists based on specialty.

        In the absence of any personal recommendations and the university GP should be able to assist here, suggest checking online reviews and also specialist websites. Also, call their rooms and have a chat with reception staff to explain personal circumstances and also ascertain what the process is so as to manage expectations as there can be different approaches.

  • what about her insurance, it may cover the cost

    • Student insurance is horrible. Doesn't cover anything except specfic GPs.

      • scholarship

        isn't it a one paid and provided by the university? I assume she is a PhD student because of the scholarship. Better to check with them again, because I had couple of friends who even had surgeries where most of the cost was covered by the insurance itself. I am not sure about the full-fee of the specialists though.

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    'hormonal imbalance' is a very broad and vague term. Hormones can be produced from many different parts of the body and can similarly impact many other parts. Hormones like thyroid are managed by endocrinologist while sex hormones are managed by gynecologist etc. How did she reach this conclusion that the problem is related to hormones. She needs to first a proper GP assessment and then GP should refer to the concerned specialist. Sometimes, a google search is helpful if you check the reviews of the doctors.

    • Thank you very much for this. I really appreciate it. I suggested as a good source for reviews.

    • endocrinologist while sex hormones are managed by gynecologist etc.

      What? Since when? Guess what system the endocrine system is for? Hormones…

      Whether it's menopause, diabetes, thyroid, transgender or something else you'll want an endocrinologist.

      OSHC should cover similar to Medicare just no bulk billing.

      It's a cost, it sucks to pay but being in good health is a bargain. Depending on what it is though you may be able to be managed by a GP.