TV/Film Extras - Which Agencies Are Good in Sydney?

Hi, has any fellow Ozbr's had any experience with all the various Film/TV Extras agencies. I have looked at a couple. One company (MCTV) charges 3 months up front ($29 per month), to keep you on their books. I then saw another company warning about companies wanting money up front?
I work 9 to 5 and live 90mins from Sydney, so I can only really do it on weekends. Do companies require any extras on weekends?


  • Depends on where the filming is taking place.

    On set will most likely be M-F.

    If it’s on location, things filmed in venues like schools will only ever take place on weekends (or school holidays). To the contrary, community facilities are more likely to have people on weekdays because weekends are their busier times.

    I did a bit about a decade ago (so have no info for agencies now). They’re usually early starts (6/7am) and long days. There’s often no perks for extras too so byo lunch.

  • Is this just for fun or as a pathway into more serious acting roles?

  • Cool. I imagine a lot of people get into this work trying to make it in the entertainment industry so providers can work you pretty hard and know you'll keep coming back for more.

    If it's just dollars would you be better off with a 'normal' weekend job, e.g. retail job?

    • Already working 9 to 5. I keep getting told weekends are great but we want someone who can fill in during the week if required.

  • Don't go to MAMM
    They ask to take your photos for 250
    And if you say you will think about it they shove you out the room

  • Any particular category, like being an extra in porb?