Advice for Purchasing Corolla

Hi all,

Looking at buying a new car to drive for the next 10-12 years. With the way the current car market is with stock shortages and upward pressure on prices, I am willing to postpone the purchase until things settle down to pre COVID-19, if that ever does happen.

Budget is around $30,000. Car I’m looking at primarily is Corolla ZR hatch, but I’m open to others. Since everything is being pushed back, I could wait until the facelift now and buy the current model at a discounted price. Based on some reading, car dealers are generally more willing to get rid of the old stock.

Does this generally lead to pretty big discounts, or is it usually rather incremental? Would I be right in presuming that the biggest discount would come from buying the outgoing model when the new one is released, instead of buying in Christmas, EOFY etc.?

Also, pre-COVID-19, what did people usually offer when negotiating, without lowballing, or appearing not genuine? Is 10-15% usually the go-to?

Is the general consensus to stay away from demo vehicles? Based on reading a few threads, demo vehicles are usually trashed by either potential buyers or the employees themselves. Though not sure whether this would actually be detrimental to a modern car?

My understanding is you find a bunch of dealerships with the specific car you want already in the yard (instead of ordering and getting it built), and try negotiate to your desired price, walk away if unsuccessful, until you reach the lowest possible price somewhere else, or one of the dealerships calls you back. Is this essentially how most people do it?

Any other advice and suggestions would be helpful as well. Apologies for the essay.



  • Find the cheapest one on carsales and buy from there. They will ship. They are generally happy to sell a new car for the "demo" price listed. I have not bought a car from Sydney dealers for some time now. Cheaper (after freight) from up/down the coast.

    Won't get much luck with Corolla as there weren't much of a discount on them pre-COVID.

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  • I don't think you'll see a discount on anything Toyota at EOFY or facelifted model. I don't think there would be much stock sitting around when a face lifted model comes out to justify 'run out pricing' with those, rarely is even pre-covid.

    The ZR Hybrid is a nice car but you may have to stretch the budget a little

  • I have nothing to add except to ask if you've considered a hybrid/EV in your decision for something you'll be driving for 10-12 years. If you have and decided its not suitable, maybe check out the Green Vehicle Guide

    • Not buying an EV but I could consider a hybrid potentially. Can’t say for sure though.

      • Just buy a corolla hybrid. Everything else in the models is irrelevant.

        • It does cost $2k more and I don’t really care about saving on fuel costs, but I’ll have a look

  • No stock now = little discounts

    Any newer model will likely mean price rise = less discounting of the older model.

    Don't try to make a car fit your budget. If you want a Corolla ZR you're going to have to save more money

    • Yeah haha. Been looking at dealership websites and there’s hardly any stock.

      Do you expect this shortage trend to go into next year and onwards as well?

      Probably need to save more or buy a used one instead of new.

      • The stock shortage doesn't help the "ex demo" or 1 year old case so much anymore as most new cars are holding their value if they're hard to get hold of

      • As above, demo/1yo ones are asking the price of new ones.

        Shortage will likely go into next year, yes

        • Nah, I'd say its = the rest of this year + all of next year + maybe some of 2023.
          So the wait is real, for things to go back to "2019 Normal". There's a long knock-on effect with the parts, supply, etc etc. And unfortunately, Australia doesn't rank too high on list of priorities for car companies.

          I think first is USA, then Canada and Mexico by association, then probably Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain), then Russia, then Brazil, then Asia (Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam). China is the wildcard as they can come before USA for market importance for the brand or it might come after Brasil as negligible, again depending on the brand.

          After that 6-7 locales, next we have the RH-Steering countries UK, Ireland, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Sth Africa. So we are ranked roughly about 12th in importance out of roughly 14 locales. After this, the other markets like the Wider European nations, Middle-East nations, African nations, South American nations rank about 18th/last place, unless you include Antarctica lol.
          …so yeah, we're pretty low on that rank.

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    This question, or variations of this has been asked a hundred times of late. Go read some of the other similar threads.

  • I owned the Corolla Hatch 2005 before it was creamed in an MVA. After that, I went to Camry. I know it's a totally different vehicle, but it's smooth to drive, lots of space, comfortable. Imho. I hope you find your wished-for-car! xx