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Bellroy iPhone 11 Pro 3-Card Case $15 (was $99) + $9.95 Delivery* or free C&C @ David Jones


Still rocking an iPhone 11 Pro and need a new case that looks good and can also hold your cards? Then this deal is for you!

Retails for $99 according to Bellroy's website. You can select from three colours:

Also comes with a SIM card slot and ejector tool, as well as a 3-year warranty.

*$9.95 for delivery via AusPost Express Post. Free delivery if you spend $50+, or are a David Jones American Express card member. Alternatively, Click and Collect for free at a store that has stock.

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    • +12

      Don't need to own an iPhone anything to know that the answer is no.

  • Damn none for iPhone 11

  • +1

    does the iphone 11 have a NFC chip on the back for applepay? how does that work with a case like this with other cards in the holder?

    • +1

      I’ve got the same case and works fine, no problem. Wireless charging doesn’t really work with the case but Applepay no problems

      • +1

        But say I have a credit card and a debit card in the card holder. If I use applepay, how does it ignore my cards?

        • +1

          When I had the case it wasn’t an issue as the nfc antenna was at the very top of the iPhone and can be picked up further from the terminal than regular cards.

    • +2

      I can confirm that this case works fine with Apple Pay even if you have cards in the case. I had a credit card, a myki and my licence. Wireless charging can be a hit and miss though.

      Can highly recommend this case. Good quality and it can like a stand if you are ever stuck somewhere and want to steam a show on your phone.

      • Thanks that makes sense.

  • +2

    I have this case on my 12 pro max and wireless charging works perfectly fine and no issues with Apple Pay

    • -1

      Are you saying the iPhone 11 pro Max case fits the 12 pro max?

      • +2

        I think he's saying he has the same case, but for the iPhone 12 pro max model.

        • I thought he had the case pro 12 but not the same iPhone max

        • +2

          Yes, I should have clarified. I have the same case but the 12 Pro Max version

  • What’s the deal with the SIM card slot? You’d have your SIM card in the phone already !? Lol

    Unless this is of going overseas then you buy a local SIM card then you use this “sim slot” to put in your Aussie sim while your phone has the overseas sim?

    • Yep. My Bellroy wallet also has a SIM slot.

    • +2

      Hit the nail on the head there.

      I used to (ah the good ol pre-covid days) have multiple sim cards just stuck on the inside of the back of my phone case to swap around when travelling. This would be handy…. If i owned an iphone haha.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Bargain and perfect timing, was looking for a phone wallet case. Thanks OP purchased click and collect!

  • +3

    I have the exact same one in Caramel. ApplePay works perfectly fine. The only thing I am not really happy with is that I paid full price about 4 months ago and the leather is so worn out…

    • +2

      If you bought it from Bellroy direct or one of their authorised resellers, try make a warranty claim

      • +1

        Yes. I did buy it from them directly. But I don’t think that “worn out by use” is covered under warranty….But you are right, worth a try I guess

    • Ah really that sucks, will use seldomy and glad I only paid $15 for it then! Can you return it to David Jones for a replacement?

      • +1

        By law, yes you can return it to the vendor you purchased from for replacement, repair or refund…

    • +2

      The first one I got had this as well.

      Bellroy sent me a brand new one. Hasn’t been a issue. It happens with leather products.

  • -3

    “ was 99” (profanity).

  • Thanks! Now I need an IPhone 11!

    • +3

      You mean iPhone 11 Pro? iPhone 11 is a different model; don't buy the wrong one! ;)

  • +2

    Bought one of these 2 weeks ago at $29 and was happy then.
    so cheap now.

  • +2

    Aaand it’s gone.

  • it shows $99 what :(

    • Because it sold out before you made your comment. When DJs sells out of items, the Add to Bag button disappears and the price reverts back to the original price.

  • +1

    Back in stock

    • Thanks! Updated post

  • +1

    great find!

  • All three colours appear to be back in stock. Still a few stores in NSW at least for Click and Collect

    • +1

      They're not in stock. David Jones just refunded my order an hour ago.

      • For Click and Collect? Which colour and at what store?

        • oh sorry. it was for online order.

          Couldn't find any stock in inner-west sydney.

          • @Orico: Weird. One of the stores should be able to have fulfilled that for you.

            Only inner-west DJs is Burwood.

  • +1

    Damn it was $100 for this case originally. For chumps maybe??

  • Pffft who has this 'old' phone?

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